Australia: COVID-19 Delta Variant Cases Observed Among Fully Vaccinated People


The COVID-19 pandemic in Australia is evolving these days. People who were fully vaccinated are now getting infected with the COVID-19 Delta variant. Moreover, the situation in the country is extremely worrisome as the new variant possesses new threats.

COVID-19 Delta Variant Observed in Fully Vaccinated People in Australia

People in Australia are getting infected with the COVID-19 Delta variant despite receiving both vaccine doses. A nurse at the Westmead hospital in New South Wales and a worker at the Brisbane International Airport have contracted the virus even after getting fully vaccinated. The variant detected in these two people is the wide-spreading Delta variant. However, this variant has become a global threat now. It is spread in around 111 countries and is ruining everything that was brought back to place.


Australia: COVID-19 Delta Variant Cases Observed Among Fully Vaccinated People
Source: CNBC

COVID-19 Situation in the Country is Extremely Worrisome

Australia managed the pandemic situation really well. It was reporting very few cases over the past months. But the situations are reversing now. On Monday, the country witnessed 103 new cases, most of them from Sydney. The total tally is now at 1000, with two people found dead lately. 75 people are severely infected and hospitalized. However, the rest of the people; are in home isolation and their condition is stable. The recent outbreak in the country began last month; resulting in a sudden surge of cases. Although, if we compare Australia’s situation with other countries; its count is still very low.

A Few Restrictions Implemented in Australia to Curb the Virus Spread

Keeping the present scenario in mind; Australia has implemented a few restrictions in Sydney. People are not allowed to mass gather together; stay at home as much as possible. The epicenter of the virus in the country, Sydney, is witnessing a sudden surge in cases these days. Kerry Chant, New South Wales Chief Health Officer; said that they are working hard to reduce mobility. Moreover, he has asked people to lessen their interactions with each other.

Australian Expert Says, Vaccines Not Perfect


Experts have warned that the situation in Australia will worsen even more. They have expressed their concern; over the COVID-19 Delta variant. Besides that, it is spreading rapidly in the country; and causing severe illness.

Australia: COVID-19 Delta Variant Cases Observed Among Fully Vaccinated People
Source: Healthline

Australian experts have said; that the COVID-19 vaccines and the PPE kits are a failure. However, they reduce the risk of infections but are not a complete solution. Professor Hassan Vallay from La Trobe University; said that vaccines aren’t perfect. Besides that, Australia’s vaccination rate is also quite low. The country needs to ramp up its vaccination drive. Moreover, only 10 percent of the total Australians are fully vaccinated.

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