Asia Crosses The 10 Million COVID-19 Cases


Asia just crossed the mark of 10 million COVID-19 cases together and it’s not a good accomplishment. The region has now a 14 percent COVID-19 toll. The death rate has crossed 163,000 deaths. The United States has a total tally of 8.5 million infections. On the other hand, India has crossed the death mark of 118,000 and the United States has crossed 224,128 deaths. Asia is now the second-heaviest toll in the world. The Reuters tally shows the rising rate in India. India has shown steep rates since the beginning of the pandemic. However, in October, the rates have decreased simultaneously.


Asia crosses 10 million cases
Source: The Financial Express

Latin America leads the path with Asia close behind

Latin America is the leading region as far as the coronavirus cases are concerned. Asia crosses one-fourth of the global cases of 42.1 million of the virus. The official reporting of countries shows that Asia’s true number of cases is higher than what it seems. Experts say that in most of the underdeveloped countries in Asia, the way in which the testing is done is not official and well planned. This is the reason there is not testing done at all. Hence, the Asian spikes say that the cases on the rise in not the correct disclosure of the real picture.


With the cases declining significantly this month, the experts say that this will change a lot in the picture of Asian cases. The decline which India has seen is commendable and thus, it makes the nation along with regions in Europe and North America. The sharp contrast among the cases changes a lot. Countries like Japan are still showing the same response as it did at the beginning of the pandemic. Countries like China and New Zealand, on the other hand, have shown outstanding courage and exemplary display in curbing it all in the bud.

Asia crosses 10 million cases
Source: Taiwan News

Where is India falling?

India is the second worst-hit country succeeded by the United States of America. The daily reporting of cases in India amounts to approximately 5,700 cases a day. The contribution of India stands at 58 cases per 10,000 people. The reports on Wednesday show the lowest daily cases. This is a good indication. If this goes on, the Asia region overall can also decrease in terms of the active cases. There are tons of worst-hit nations in economic terms like China, the Philippines, Indonesia, etc. The preparation of vaccines is going on extensively all around the world. If a certain effective vaccine comes out, the cases in the world will show negative growth, which will ultimately lift up the world economy.


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