Are Intel, Nvidia Firms Victims Of SolarWinds Corp. Hack?


In recent times, there happened a puzzling act in the US banks’ systems. However, there are still many companies, who don’t know whether their systems are corrupted or not. A few days ago, banks are on high alert, after finding no trace of hacking in one of the major incidents.

Yes, one of the worst nightmares for the banking industry has occurred. A cyberattack is an assault by cybercriminals using one or more computers against single or multiple computers or networks. But the trouble is, no evidence has been found yet. In that case, lately, SolarWinds Corp. had made firms to suffer a gust of hacks.

The SolarWinds hack is almost like a global cyberattack. It targets big companies and private agencies, in a way to steal their data.

Who are the latest victims?


Earlier, one of the biggest American Multinational Technology companies, Intel Corp. came forward; affirmed that their firm is currently engaged in investigation. The inquiry is all about checking whether they are a victim of SolarWinds Corp. Hack or not. As per the sources, experts alleges that it would take months to uncover the real trouble with the systems.

Asking about the investigation, Intel emailed to one of the reliable sources that “We are still actively investigating, but we currently see no evidence or indication that our systems were affected.” On the other hand, Intel’s famous chip producer, Nvidia Corporation also under investigation, whether they are also part of the SolarWinds Hack prey or not.

SolarWinds Corp hack
SolarWinds Corp hack


They are inquiring about the systems’ illicit access due to the SolarWinds Corps. hack. And officially affirmed that “We have no evidence at this time that Nvidia was adversely affected”.

Having said that Recorded Future Inc., A Cybersecurity firm, and three more people are involving this investigation. In the SolarWinds Corp. hack, it has affected more than 200 firms as part of a suspected Russian Cyber-attack. As the cyberattack chances increasing, many top companies and government agencies are put on high alert. In the meantime, the investigation will continue to find the felon along with shreds of evidence. In light of that, antithetical to the last year, the cyberattacks on banks and capital market firms are reduced by 2%.

Is Nvidia a victim of SolarWinds hack?
Is Nvidia a victim of SolarWinds hack?

Who was their actual target?

A federal agency on cyberattack section, an officer named Senator Ron Wyden revealed; that the senior officials at the US Treasury Department used by seniors were hacked. He also added, “According to Treasury staff, the agency suffered a serious breach, beginning in July, the full depth of which is not known.” Continuing his statement “treasury still does not know all of the actions taken by hackers, or precisely what information was stolen.”


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