Apple’s New Prototype Watch Is Ready To Make Its Debut After Its Testing Process


Again, Apple has bedazzled us with its new prototype watch. The American multinational technology company is very well prominent for its designs, development, and trades; such as consumer electronics, computer software, and online services. Though again, the apple watch is best to go for. As it is one of the most popular watches in the world right now. However, the new Apple watch’s prototype has given its debut with a teaser on the internet. Thus making the clients galvanize. So here are the myriad of information, you need to perceive before grabbing Apple’s new prototype watch.

What is the new Apple’s prototype watch about?

As per the reports, the company affirms that the new product under the watch category will be running with Apple’s suite of internal development apps. The new watch’s operating system will be prewatchOS1.0.


Apple watch

On the other hand, it is evident through the tearer that; the new Apple’s prototype watch is out for testing. This means, the product is soon to arrive but with proper feedback from experts. The officials say that ” This product is classified as Apple Confidential and is designated as ‘Ultra’ security program. This prototype MUST be returned when recalled or when you”.

Having said that, if you find a sticker behind the appliance, like the ‘PVTe’ configuration; Well, that means, the product is under testing zone. Production Validation Testing engineering is the abbreviation of PVT e.


Ass we all know, Apple’s tenacious forms of protecting their product’s information as confidentially as possible. Nevertheless, one thing is idiosyncratic of the new Apple’s prototype watch. The internal apps of the new watch will be including one more special app; named “Lisa Tester”. The app identifies by its Lisa Simpson icon.

What is the specialty of the Lisa Tester app?

Apple watch
Apple’s new prototype watch

It appears that the special app, Lisa Tester is named after Steve Job’s daughter Lisa Jobs. Moreover, it is followed by Apple’s Kisa Computer lineup. This app will concede the testers to work on the UI elements of the latest Apple prototype watch. Apart from the Lisa Tester app, Springboard Zoom is also a novel app that will be available on the prototype watch’s screen.

The latest apple prototype watch will have a home screen that of the first apple watch in 2015. Thereby, engendering the original watchOS home screen.



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