Apple WWDC 2021: What to Expect from Apple’s Big Event


Apple is about to conduct its WWDC 2021 in June. WWDC stands for Worldwide Developers Conference. It is scheduled to take place from June 7- June 11. The virtual event will start at 10 PM PT on the first day.

What to Expect From Apple WWDC 2021?

We can expect some software-related announcements at Apple WWDC 2021. Hardware announcements are quite rare on WWDC. But you always expect the unexpected. Let’s have a look at what to expect from the event.

Apple WWDC 2021: What to Expect from Apple's Big Event
Source: MacRumors

iOS 15


Apple brings an iOS update almost every fall or winter. iOS users have this big advantage. They get to witness some new features every year. WWDC brings really exciting iOS updates and features. This year we can expect the iOS 15 launch at the WWDC event. It will offer new features and twists to the interface.

iPadOS 15

Apple iPadOS is quite similar to iOS. They are identical with some minor changes. We expect to see some new features in the iPad. Hopefully, they move closer to the Mac in terms of features. We also know that the M1 chip is now inserted in the iPad Pro. Keeping this in mind, we can expect something exciting.

MacOS 12

With the introduction of the M1 chip in 2020, iOS apps shifted to Mac for the first time. We expect some more amazing launches at the Apple WWDC event. hopefully, they will improve the iCloud Time Machine Backup. Some more shortcuts and health iOS apps can make their way into the Mac this time.

Apple WWDC 2021: What to Expect from Apple's Big Event
Source: Tom’s Guide

WatchOS 8


We can expect some more health-related features in the Apple Watch. The new update might add more apps to the watch. Something thrilling is definitely coming up this time.

TvOS 15

Apple has recently launched its TV. But that was a bit disappointing. Many users complained about the TV. They didn’t seem quite happy with the new innovation. We hope that things are fixed this time. However, they might launch a new TV update. Things aren’t clear what is free and what isn’t free to the plus subscribers.

Apple WWDC 2021 Might Announce New Subscriptions

Apple has provided various subscription services to its users. We have the TV+, News+, Fitness+, Podcasts+, etc. Besides that, it has also provided music and arcade subscriptions to its users. We can expect some new subscriptions this time. For example, Mail+, Maps+, and Health+.

Apple WWDC 2021: What to Expect from Apple's Big Event
Source: The Indian Express

Expected Hardware Announcements at Apple WWDC 2021

Hardware announcements are very unlikely at the Apple WWDC event. But we can still hope for some new things to launch. MacBook 13 pro models were updated in 2020. We can expect an update in MacBook Pro 14 this time. Alongside, we can also expect an update in MacBook Pro 16. It was last updated in November 2019. Mac mini’s update last year reduced its price. We can also hear some new updates regarding the Mac mini. You can check Apple’s official website for further details.




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