Apple vs Epic Games in court: A trial that could alter App Store future and forever change how apps work


Tim Sweeney, a billionaire game developer had challenged Apple. He said that his company’s popular game ‘Fortnite’ was wrongly kicked out of the Apple store.

Apple and Epic Games are Finally in Court Now 

Apple and Epic Games are finally in the court now. This hearing will probably decide the future of Apple’s app store and its operation. Last year, Tim Sweeney challenged Apple saying that it removed his game wrongly from the Apple store. The trials are expected to last for three weeks. By any chance, if Epic Games wins, it has the potential to destroy the $100 billion app market economy. However, both the company’s will claim their rights in the trials.


Apple vs Epic Games in court: A trial that could alter App Store future and forever change how apps work
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What had Actually Happened? 

Apple does not allow an alternative payment system. It gets a cut of 30 percent cut of any in-app purchases on iOS devices. Even Google Play Store has similar commissions which had chaos in India last year. Due to these reasons, Paytm had to come up with its own mini-app store. Last year, Fortnite announced that iPhone players will get a discount on the items if they completed the payments outside the Apple payments system. This violated Apple’s rules and was against its policies. It stopped the tech giant to gain commission from the world’s one of the popular games. Hours later, Fortnite was removed from Apple’s App Store. Epic Games took Apple directly to the Federal Court. So far, no other company had so openly challenged the tech giant.

What if Epic Games Won? 


If Epic Games won in the trials, the app market would change forever. It will allow companies and developers to avoid paying to the app stores. This might also put Epic Games in a strong position for its upcoming trial with Google Play Store. Reportedly, the reason being the same. Epic Game’s trial with the Google Play store is also likely to take place this year itself. A win may also ignite an anti-trust fight against the tech giant. Besides that, Apple is also facing various charges about its App Store fees.

Apple vs Epic Games in court: A trial that could alter App Store future and forever change how apps work
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What if Apple Wins? 

If Apple wins, it will secure a much better position in the market. Undoubtedly, it is already an established brand name. Therefore, a win would strengthen its grip even more. Apple’s biggest defense would be that it is only one of the few gaming companies in the industry. The businesses are allowed to have a monopoly in the United States. However, they cannot preserve it at the expense of competition.

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