Apple saved users $1.5 billion worth in fraud transactions on App Store in 2020


Apple claims that it has saved its users from fraud transactions worth $1.5 billion. It has blocked more than 48,000 applications with malicious features. Moreover, it is an established brand in the technology market. Since 2008, it is the most secure platform for mobile owners. The Apple App Store has always brought the best for its users. It has a screening system that prohibits malicious apps from entering the app store. And it has quite improved over years, continuing in the 21st century.

Apple Blocks Several Apps from the App Store  

Recently, Apple stated that it has saved its users from falling into potential fraud in 2020. Allegedly, the scam was worth $1.5 billion. The Cupertino tech giant claimed that it had blocked more than 48,000 applications. It had to do so as the applications came with malicious features. Approximately 150,000 more apps were blocked for imitating other successful apps. Some of them were misleading in nature. On the other hand, 250,000 more apps were blocked for violating privacy policy.


Apple saved users $1.5 billion worth in fraud transactions on App Store in 2020
Source: BBC

Apps Indulged in Malpractice 

More than 470,000 app developers indulging in bad practices were also terminated. Some developers fundamentally change how the app works after review. They avoid guidelines and commit illegal actions. When such apps are discovered, they are immediately removed from the app store. However, Apple notifies the developers 14 days prior to removing their application. The accounts are suspended permanently.


Apple saved users $1.5 billion worth in fraud transactions on App Store in 2020
Source: Deccan Herald

Apple Experts Go Through Each and Every App 

Apple also stated that the company’s expert reviewers go through all the applications. They make sure that the users don’t fall victim to gambling. Besides that, they also check loan frauds or pornography issues. In short, they check for all the illegal content available on the app store. After this, all the offending app developers are asked for a response. If they fail to do so, their application is quickly removed from the app store. On an average basis, any app is taken down in a month. Users can also report any application which they find illegal. They can choose the ‘report a problem’ feature on the app store.

Genuine Developers Face Problems as Well 

Many-a-times, honest app developers have also faced problems. Fraud reviewers have tried to take down many genuine app developers. This backlashes their rating on the app store. Apple has introduced machine learning and AI algorithms to weed out such fraud reviews. Only true ratings are acknowledged on the app store. Precisely, Apple works around the clock for user safety. It is a trusted place for both developers and users.

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