Apple M1 Mac Windows 10 Virtualization Shows Better Performance Than Surface Pro X


A new Youtube video has made a stunning realization recently. It shows that the Windows 10 and some Windows 10 apps run better when they are virtualized on Apple’s new M1 Macs. These M1 Macs show better performance in running the OS than traditional ARM-devices such as the Surface Pro X.

Over some time, we have seen numerous performance runs of Apple’s latest 5nm chip and how it is outstanding in nearly all fields. This new result just adds to its list of neverending impressive stats.

Martin Nobel, 19, is a Youtuber who makes tech-related videos. He is also featured in Business Insider, NY Mag, Cult of Mac, and many more.

Nobel posted the video on Youtube on December 1. He uses QEMU and Apple’s native hypervisor (Virtualisation.framework). He does this to have the ARM version of Windows 10 running on the M1 Mac Mini as a virtual machine.


In the video, he demonstrates how he can run Windows 10 on the new machine. He also notes that the M1 chip is much faster than the silicon running in the Surface Pro X. Microsoft Surface Pro X uses the custom SQ1 chip.

Interestingly enough, the M1 Mac Mini can procure a much higher score than the Surface Pro X when running Geekbench 5.

Apple M1 Mac vs Windows Surface Pro X: Performance Numbers

The M1 Mac easily surpasses the Surface Pro X in the single-core tests. In fact, the M1 Mac scores almost double of what Surface Pro X scores in that particular benchmark run, as per sources.

Here are the results of the benchmark:

M1 Mac Mini

  • Single-core performance score: 1515
  • Multi-core performance score: 4998

Surface Pro X

  • Single-core performance score: 793
  • Multi-core performance score: 3113

This won’t be the first time for these numbers to appear. When compared with Rosetta 2 natively on MacOS and native Geekbench 5 on Windows 10, Apple’s M1 chip still outdid the Microsoft’s SQ1 processor.

These performance numbers are undoubtedly going to make Mac users ask if it is possible to run Windows 10 on their devices. Currently, Apple has no official Boot Camp support to run the OS.

Craig Federigh said that it is more than possible to run Windows on M1 Macs, but it will be up to Microsoft to turn that possibility into a reality. Federigh is the VP of Software Engineering for Apple.

Here is the video where Nobel makes it possible. While it isn’t a necessarily easy task, it does make it possible to run Windows 10 on Mac.

Also, here is an unofficial guide that will guide Mac users through the entire process.

Source: Wccftech

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