Apple Launches New Lossless Audio Streaming, Most Expensive Headphone Users Can’t Benefit from it


Apple on Monday announced that it will offer lossless and hi-resolution streaming options through Apple Music from next month. The subscribers can take advantage at extremely no cost. However, users owning AirPods Pro and AirPods Max can’t benefit from the higher quality audio.


Apple Launches New Lossless Audio Streaming, Most Expensive Headphone Users Can't Benefit from it
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Apple AirPods Pro and Max Users Can’t Take Advantage

It is true that neither Apple AirPods Pro nor AirPods Max can avail the new music feature. They can take advantage of the Bluetooth AAC codec when connected to an iPhone. It means that they can’t receive Apple Music lossless file’s full quality. The standard lossless streaming facility offers audio at 24 bit/48kHz. On the other hand, the hi-resolution lossless streaming offers audio at 24 bit/192kHz. Sony products have an LDAC codec support. It transfers 24 bit/96kHz audio files at a maximum of 990 kbps bitrate. And that too with a Bluetooth connection. However, Apple products do not support an LDAC decoder or encoder.

How to take advantage of Lossless Streaming?


In order to access the Apple Music lossless option, you need a USB DAC. Not even a wired lightning cable will enable lossless streaming on AirPods Max. AirPods Max wired listening mode admits analog output sources only. However, AirPods Max currently does not support digital audio formats in the wired mode. It is extremely disappointing that AirPods Max won’t support the new feature. Considering the money, you pay for it, it is unacceptable to some extent. Apple headphones are designed for a mobile-first approach. They do not assure you of the best audio listening experience.

Apple Launches New Lossless Audio Streaming, Most Expensive Headphone Users Can't Benefit from it
Source: The Verge

Which Products will Support Spatial Audio? 

Apple products powered through H1 or W1 wireless chip will support new Spatial audio with Dolby Atmos. This feature will provide users will a multi-dimensional listening experience. It will make songs sound more impressive. Several songs will support Spatial audio at the launch. However, it is true that most users won’t avail of the new lossless feature. Apple claims that hi-res lossless will require external equipment such as DAC. DAC is a kind of USB digital to analog converter. The new lossless feature sounds better on Apple’s TV or HomePod.

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