Apple Currently Working On AirPods Pro ‘Lite’, No Noise Cancellation


Apple is about to launch its Airpods Pro Lite, and the company has confirmed that it is working on it at the moment. It is essentially the “Lite” version of the TWS earbuds from Apple Airpods Pro. The active noise canceling feature will be absent from the Airpods Pro-Lite. One of the major discrepancies between Apple Airpods Pro and Airpods Pro Lite is this. It will bear a comparatively lower price tag for obvious reasons.


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In the current scenario, Apple is working on the creation of Airpods Lite TWS earbuds and developing a system-in-package (SiP) product containing ‘H1’, an AirPod audio driver chip, through domestic materials partner. It is supposed to feature a simple square-shaped design, as per the design. There should not be much difference between the base variant and the lite version, apart from the active noise canceling feature. The forthcoming Airpods Lite will undergo quality verification within this year, according to the news, and Apple will commence production in 2021. The price of the system is expected to be 20 percent lower than the original one as it lacks the active noise canceling feature.

Decisions By Apple:


Immediately after the base model, Apple decided to introduce the Airpods Pro Lite. But later on, when demand and success met expectations, the company postponed its launch to maximize its sales and margins. In the coming days, Apple will certainly reveal more about this audio product. But what appears to draw more buyers is its lower price.

Apparently, Apple had originally intended to launch the AirPods Pro-Lite directly after the AirPods Pro Foundation. The demand and popularity of the latter, however, exceeded expectations, forcing the business to postpone the product in order to increase its revenue and margins. In the audio market, Apple is one of the most common brands, so the decision to launch a more affordable AirPods will only help its position in the industry.

A study by the Korean publication The Elec asserts that Apple had originally planned to release the ‘Lite’ version itself in 2020, but the company had put these plans on hold for better-than-expected sales of the AirPods Pro. The ‘Lite’ version is suitable for those who are looking for a proper in-ear fit that is much safer and noise-isolating than the usual AirPods. As per a source cited in the report, there will be no active noise cancellation, which will help reduce the price by up to 20 percent.

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