Apple AirPods Max Condensation Issues


After long waiting and a plethora of rumors, Apple finally unveiled its first wireless headphones dubbed AirPods Max. The devices are set to offer the ultimate audio experience for those who want a real studio-like audio headset. The headphones have gone on sale and the first reviews are already available. So far, the devices are far from being perfect as there is a serious issue with condensation build-up inside the headphones.

Apple AirPods Max users are reporting an issue with condensation, where water droplets are forming under the removable ear pads near the drivers. The high-end headphones were launched only recently and priced at Rs. 59,900 in India, seem to be particularly susceptible to this condensation issue due to the premium design, particularly the liberal use of metal that is considerably cool to touch as compared to headsets that use a fair amount of plastic in the build. While one particular user-provided details on the issue along with images, others have responded that they are facing similar issues as well.


A significant report comes from user Donald Filimon, who has provided details of the condensation issues along with images on Twitter and Reddit. The images show the AirPods Max space grey color variant with the ear pads removed, and visible water droplets on the inside, near the drivers. The user reports that he has used the headphones in non-humid environments (primarily indoors) and the water droplets are causing ear-detection problems on the headset.

Both the Twitter and Reddit threads have replied from users who are reporting related issues which exhibits that what Filimon was dealing with was not a remoted incident.


This condensation concern is an issue certainly, however, all the extra as a result of the headphones value a whopping ₹60k. With a worth like that the Apple AirPods Max are certainly one of the costliest mainstream headphones obtainable at the moment and a difficulty like that is certainly worrisome.

According to the Cult of Mac, this condensation concern is probably being attributable to the sweat from the person’s ears. While sweat condensation inside headphones will not be an unusual concern since over-the-ear headphones are speculated to have comfortable matches. The concern right here is that the AirPods Max is unable to deal with these quantities of sweat or moisture.

Practically talking, since the ear pads are detachable, cleansing these water droplets off periodically utilizing a tender fabric needs to be alright. However, in the event that they do get into the drivers, they will trigger important injuries.


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