AnTuTu Banned Realme GT Over Alleged Benchmark Cheating


The Realme GT has been suspended from the AnTuTu benchmarking site for allegedly cheating the exams. According to the Beijing-based software firm, the new Realme flagship tampered with the results of its success in the AnTuTu app’s multithreaded workload and JPG decoding parts.

The GT was released in China earlier this month and features a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 processor. Huawei and OnePlus, for example, have been found manipulating benchmark ratings to draw consumers in the past.

The Realme GT has been removed from AnTuTu’s benchmarking website, according to a note published on Weibo. For potentially cheating and trying to manipulate overall performance, the company said it wanted to take the smartphone company GT’s benchmark results down for three months.

More About Realme GT and Allegations Over It:


The Realme GT was advertised with an AnTuTu version 8 score of over 750,000, slightly higher than the 708,000 that the Xiaomi Mi 11 with a Snapdragon 888 received.

When running the multithreaded test on AnTuTu’s benchmark app, the Realme GT delayed threads to use the fastest CPU cores, according to AnTuTu. According to AnTuTu, these techniques helped the device achieve higher benchmark ratings.

Realme GT Banned by AnTuTu Over Alleged Benchmark Cheating, Realme Gets  Ultimatum to Fix Manipulation | Technology News

AnTuTu said that the company changed the reference JPG image used by the benchmarking platform to minimize processing times and achieve a higher score, in addition to thread delaying practises. The phone is said to have used mosaic colour blocks rather than processing the image in its entirety to minimize quality and processing time, according to the company.


Delaying threads and changing the reference picture, according to AnTuTu, are both against the goal of providing equal benchmark performance. As a result, AnTuTu removed the phone from its database. The company also stated that it contacted Realme after seeing the higher-than-usual benchmark ratings, but got no reply.

Realme has been given an ultimatum by AnTuTu to explain benchmark cheating and change the system to prevent performance manipulation. Otherwise, AnTuTu said it would delete the Realme GT from its database permanently.

AnTuTu also stated that it is actively working to improve the anti-cheating software that will be included in version 9 of the comparison application. If it detects any cheating, the new version can subtract points and impose other punishments.

At the time of publication, the smartphone company had not replied anything regarding this.

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