Aniket Ghate : Founder of houdeviral, inspiring youngsters with his top notch insights


“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.”

Perpetual learning is a skill that everyone should master. It makes you future-ready and adaptable to any uncertainty in life, such as the demeanor of Aniket Ghate, aged 23, a renowned digital marketer who has completed his and is based in Pathardi, Ahmednagar, Maharashtra.


Born on the 30th of January 1998, Aniket has today amassed millions of followers on his Facebook page houdeviral and is a notable name in the digital marketing industry for running impeccable digital campaigns that convert generates tremendous sale and revenue.

He has been a stalwart in driving social media campaigns, ads, and funnels, along with having in-depth know-how of SEO, leads generation, Social media marketing, and management, etc.


“The best aspect of digital marketing is its robust approach that applies to almost all the activities that we perform; the goal is to appeal to the customers. All our services run in this direction only. I believe that if you can design and present your campaign in a way that it meets the requirements of its ideal target audience, half the battle is won, we have tried and tested such campaigns on multiple verticals, and we have registered a tremendous response on these”, says Aniket.

But this journey was not a bed of roses. Aniket self learned his way with the help of resources on the internet day in and out and has been subsequently able to build his brand in this capacity. The digital marketer has been converted to an entrepreneur with such skills in hand and is spearheading a team of 30 specialists.

Today, Aniket is leading the online game by driving the traffic like crazy and becoming the top choice of several high-profile clients. His USP is his diligence and the ability to show results with excellence, enabling his clients to continue working with him for the long run.



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