Android TV Going To Get Google TV-Like Home Screen Interface Soon


A new Android TV update has been announced by Google, introducing an all-new home screen screen interface that looks very similar to the UI available on Google TV. The fresh home screen interface comes with dedicated tabs for Home, Explore, and Games. In addition to the revised Android TV interface, Google is shuttering the YouTube app for Apple TV models (3rd Generation) and previous models. Even so, YouTube will be available via Apple’s AirPlay on previous-generation Apple TV.

The Home tab that displays the home screen along with easy access to favorite apps and channels is introduced with the new update. Next to the Home Tab is the Explore tab that includes personalised suggestions. Ths is solely “based on what you watch and what interests you, in addition to what’s trending on Google”. The Discover tab present there displays content from all the applications that are installed and subscriptions that are enabled.

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An improved Android TV gui mimics the Google TV design language that launched in September with the new Chromecast. It replaces with tabs the earlier left-sided oversized icons.

Unlike the Discover tab on the revamped Android TV interface, Google TV’s interface has a ‘About you’ tab that uses software algorithms to list customized suggestions.

Android TV Getting Google TV-Like Home Screen Interface; YouTube App for Older Apple TV Models to Go Offline


The revised Android TV gui also contains the Applications tab, which lists all apps that are installed. This works similarly to Google TV’s Apps page.

In the US, Australia, Canada, Germany, and France, Google has begun rolling out the revamped Android TV interface to all compatible platforms In the coming days, it will hit other nations.

Google is discontinuing the YouTube app for Apple TV (3rd generation) and earlier versions alongside the latest Android TV apps. A message was sent to some readers about the discontinuation that will take place beginning in early March, 9to5Mac posted. Back in 2015, YouTube discontinued support for the second-generation Apple TV models.

Instead, Google suggests that users of earlier Apple TV models stream YouTube using AirPlay from their iOS tablets. In addition, on Apple TV 4K and Apple TV HD, YouTube will continue to be available.

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