Android 12 Rumoured to be Named “Snow Cone”


Android 12 may be called Snow Cone and it comes with features like smarter auto-rotate, game mode, bright color reduction feature, and one-handed mode. Android 12 will be Google’s next version of Android and is expected to launch later this year.

For the name, Google has apparently opted for Snow Cone this time, as the Android 12 source code allegedly has references to “sc”, which is believed to be short for Snow Cone. It should be noted that Google has not shared any information about the new operating system, so this information should be taken with a pinch of salt.

Android 12 The source code shows multiple references to “sc” which is believed to be an abbreviation for Snow Cone. We know Google he likes to have dessert names for his Android operating systems and a report by XDA Developers states that the next iteration could be called Snow Cone.


It also states that Android 11 was internally called Red Velvet Cake and there were “rvc” references in the source code.

New Features to be Introduce in the Android 12

Coming to the features, a report by 9to5Google claims that Android 12 could come with a new face-based option to auto-rotate. Android auto-rotate doesn’t always work the way you want it to.

So, with the new Android, Google seems to be making some improvements. The smarter auto-rotation could use your phone’s front camera to see your head’s orientation and rotate the screen accordingly. This would be especially useful for those who use their phones while lying down.

A separation report from 9to5Google suggests that Google will add a dedicated one-handed mode for Android 12 and that users will be able to enable one-handed mode with a gesture.

This one-handed mode is expected to downsize only along the vertical axis, bringing options that are too tall to get close. Also, users can set a time-out period that will automatically disable one-handed mode.


However, we still don’t know how the feature will work and how Google works towards it to ensure the seamless working of third-party apps with the new feature.

A new battery API is also being introduced, which will allow games to detect the battery level of the connected Bluetooth controller. As for the “reduce bright colors” function, it is supposedly intended to help the visually impaired. It can be part of the Android 12 quick settings.

Google is expected to introduce new UI changes to Android 12 and the new leak proves this further.

There could also be the ability to resize the Picture-in-Picture (PiP) mode with much more convenience. This could be done by pinching on the PiP window to decrease the size and by double-tapping on it to increase it. There could also be a ‘stashing’ feature to hide the PiP window.

Release date of the new Android Version

Android 12 doesn’t have a release date yet, but Google may release it towards the end of this year. Last week was reported that the new Android version will bring new UI changes such as sharper rounded corners, new privacy features, and a new selection of widgets.


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