Amy Coney Barrett, US Supreme Court Nominee Signed Anti-Abortion Ads


Amy Coney Barrett Supreme Court nominee signed anti-abortion ads while at Notre Dame. She signed on to a second ‘right to life’ advertisement. This decision is against the landmark Roe vs Wade decision, with the Senate Judiciary Committee. In addition, she added that she was a part of the faculty at Notre Dame School and the ‘University Faculty For Life’ group. This group initially sponsored the ad in the student newspaper. The committee released an 11-page filing head of Barrett’s confirmation on Monday. US Trump nominated Amy Coney Barrett, a conservative judge. This aggravates so many people that in place of the legendary open and hard-working late Judge, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Trump wants a conservative to take over the SC reins. It just simply doesn’t fit right.

Amy Coney barrett signed second Anti-abortion ads
Source: One India

Amy Coney Barrett and Anti-abortion


What is Anti-Abortion? The Trump administration and Cabinet have been emphasizing the pro-life campaign. This campaign refutes abortion. According to the Trump government, this kills life in the womb. So, they want to pass a law that says that abortion is illegal. However, against this, so many people who think abortion is a choice, are opposing. Hashtags like ‘My Body, My Choice’ are trending. Some of the questions posed include, “I would never let a rapist’s child grow in me?” These questions make you think that for every decision, there is a reason. If a law comes into force, the valid reasons are thereby, deemed unreasonable, which is not acceptable.

Amy Coney Barrett signed second anti-abortion ads, which say a lot about her campaign and her priorities. The ad states, “We renew our call for the unborn to be protected by law.”

The staff and faculty, dozens of them, signed this ad. The committee said that they will scrutinize the filling heavily for assessing her views.


Amy Coney barrett signed second Anti-abortion ads
Source: Chicago Tribune

Her history with anti-abortion ads

Amy Coney Barrett seems to be vested in the campaign for quite a few years. We got the information last week that Amy Coney Barrett signed an ad opposing ‘abortion on demand’ in 2006. This came in a local newspaper. It was a part of a two-page spread. The second page read, “It is time to put an end to the barbaric legacy of Roe v. Wade and restore laws that protect the lives of unborn children.”

To support her mission, she has the support of 53-47 majority in the Senate. This is the first time that a US President has nominated someone for the position of the Supreme court judge. This is why democrats ask for a delay until after the election. They hope that the winner of the presidency can choose a nominee. However, currently, Republicans have the majority in the Senate. Hence, they are eager to know the result of the ongoing hearings before the Presidential election.


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