Amy Coney Barrett Dodges Cursory Questions On Abortion And Healthcare


Amy Coney Barrett, the US Nominee to the SC Judge designation, is passionate about anti-abortion laws. Her remarks, along with Donald Trump’s support, say that she strongly advocates the pro-life movement. This is why many people come in her support who have the same ideology. However, people who do not agree with her seem to sketchily get on her insight. On Tuesday, October 13, 2020, she dodged quite a few questions that came on her stance. She rejected to say anything on any particular case and said instead, “I will decide cases as they come.”

Amy Coney Barrett fends off abortion questions
Amy Coney Barrett with her kids

Amy Coney Barrett defended her notions


She has conversationally often declared her notions, often termed as conservative. Her association with the Republican Trump government adds fuel to the fire. When asked about her involvement in election-related campaigns, she did not say anything about it. People wanted to know whether she will Donald Trump, the president who nominated her to fill in the seat of legendary Ruth Bader Ginsburg. During the second day of hearings, she said, “It’s not the law of Amy. It’s the law of the American people. Judges can’t wake up one day and impose their will on to the world. From the opening day at Capitol Hill, the tone of the sessions was confrontational.

Replying to how Amy Coney Barrett performed there, President Donald Trump said, “I think Amy’s doing incredibly well.”


The question arose after Trump stated that he wants a justice who is well-set for his heated election with Democrat Joe Biden. However, she did not answer any questions related to the election date, voter intimidation, or presidential power. She neither said that she recuses herself from any post election cases. She said, “I can’t offer an opinion on recusal without short-circuiting that entire process.”

Amy Coney Barrett fends off abortion questions
Amy Coney Barrett promising her impartiality

Democrats do not like her

Senator Dianne Feinstein said, “It’s distressing not o have a good answer” when Amy Coney Barrett was not giving any specific reply. Kamala Harris, the 2020 US Vice President candidate said, “Let’s not make a mistake. Barrett poses a threat to safe and legal abortion in our country.” Barrett’s overall ideology is in conflict with Ruth Bader Ginsburg left behind. Democrats want to give the position to her. Instead of a former law professor, Scalia, they want Amy Coney Barrett to take on the role of SC Justice. Talking about racism, she stated that her family cried when George Floyd died. Further adding, she said, “Racism persists but making broader diagnoses about the problem of racism is kind of beyond what I can do as Judge.”


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