Amid Rising Black and White Fungus Cases, India Reports its First Yellow Fungus Infection


Amid rising cases of black and white fungus, India reports a new Yellow Fungus case from Ghaziabad. A person in the national capital region (NCR) is diagnosed with this disease on Monday. Experts suggest that this fungus is deadlier than the black and white fungus. India is witnessing a surge in these fungal infections amid rising COVID-19 cases. However, the second wave now seems to slow down in India. India reported less than 2 lakh cases for the first time in months.

Amid Rising Black and White Fungus Cases, India Reports its First Yellow Fungus Infection
Source: India TV News

More Fatal Than The Black and White Fungus 


The patient diagnosed with Yellow Fungus is undergoing treatment at ENT Surgeon Dr. Brij Pal Tyagi’s hospital. He suffered low appetite, lethargy, weight loss, and pus leakage. Since this is the first case, we don’t have much information. More research on the new disease is ongoing. Like black and white fungus, this too is fatal. However, some experts believe this is even more dangerous than them. It can also result in organ failure and eventually lead to necrosis. The Health Ministry has not given any statement on this disease yet.

What is this Yellow Fungus? 

The Yellow Fungus affects internal organs. Just like the Black and White Fungus. It is even hazardous than the prevalent ones. Unlike the other two infections, it starts off internally. It causes pus leakage and sunken eyes. It also slows down the wound healing process. Moreover, in serious cases, it leads to organ failure and necrosis. Patients are advised to seek medical help as soon as they observe symptoms. Poor hygiene results in fungal infection. Too much humidity also leads to this disease. One should always check the humidity level. It should remain between 30 to 40 percent.

How is it Caused? 

Most fungal infections start off due to poor hygiene. Steroid overuse also leads to fungal infections. Contaminated food, poor oxygen use, antibacterial medications, etc. lead to fungal infections. Patients coping with comorbidities are at high risk. Besides that, the humidity level is an important factor. Mostly, fungal infections are reported in Covid recovered patients. It is advised to maintain proper hygiene at the hospitals. Even if you are self-isolating at home, maintain hygiene. Yellow Fungus too is developed due to unsanitary conditions.


Amid Rising Black and White Fungus Cases, India Reports its First Yellow Fungus Infection
Source: Health

Symptoms of the Yellow Fungus 

Yellow Fungus is nastier than the black and white ones. It starts spreading internally. Besides that, it has several different symptoms. Have a look at them below:

  1. Lethargy- No energy in the body, laziness, fatigue, and exhaustion.
  2. Poor appetite/ no appetite- It attacks your digestive system.
  3. Weight loss- Once your appetite is lost, you won’t eat well. eventually it leads to weight loss.
  4. Slow healing process- Wounds take more time to heal than usual.
  5. Sunken eyes- In severe cases, sunken eyes are also reported.

What are the Treatments? 

These fungal infections aren’t new or rare. It is just that they have become more active now. India has reported over 8000 Black Fungus cases. In many states, it is declared an epidemic. Although, India just reported the first Yellow Fungus case on Monday. Currently, the only treatment available for these infections is the Amphotericin B injection. It is very helpful against fungal infections.

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