Amazon to end COVID-19 Testing at its Warehouses Later this Month


Amazon to stop testing its warehouse workers for COVID-19; at the end of this month. The company began testing its workers against the virus last year when cases were at their peak in the United States.

No More COVID-19 Testing at Amazon Warehouses

Amazon announced in a recent statement that will stop testing its warehouse workers for COVID-19 towards the end of this month. The company began to test its employees for the virus when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak in the United States. In a recent statement, the e-commerce giant cited that COVID-19 vaccines are now readily available in the United States. Besides that, free testing is also available in several regions. Henceforth, they will stop testing their workers for the virus at the end of this month.


Amazon to end COVID-19 Testing at its Warehouses Later this Month
Source: Reuters

The Company Began Testing when the Pandemic was at its Peak in the US

Amazon considered its warehouse workers as essential workers; when the pandemic was at its peak. The workers manufactured, packed, and shipped products; even when the deadly virus was spreading all around. Henceforth, the e-commerce giant started to test its workers; in order to ensure their safety. According to the company, 1.4 percent of their total workers; have tested positive for Coronavirus during the pandemic period; up till October 2020. These accounts for at least 20,000 workers.


Amazon to end COVID-19 Testing at its Warehouses Later this Month
Source: The Seattle Times

Most Amazon Workers are Now Vaccinated

The vaccination drive began in the US in early 2021. Several Amazon workers got vaccinated; uploaded their vaccination pictures in the company’s worker app. The company has also allowed the vaccinated workers; to ditch their masks if they want to. So far, a good proportion of the company’s workers are vaccinated. Henceforth, the e-commerce giant; has decided not to test its workers anymore as most of them are vaccinated.

The US Witnessing a Surge in the COVID-19 Cases

COVID-19 cases in the US saw an increase last week. The reason behind the spike in recent cases; is the COVID-19 Delta variant. According to a recent survey, the Delta variant; accounts for 83 percent of the total US cases. However, everything is getting back on track in the US. But the cases are continuing to rise in recent weeks. President Joe Biden also urged the citizens to get vaccinated. The news of Amazon vaccinating almost all of its workers; is a good sign amid people hesitating to receive the jab.

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