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For months now, we’ve heard rumors about Apple working on its AI-powered vehicle. But now, new rumors suggest that in September of the upcoming year, the Cupertino giant will eventually unveil its first automotive breakthrough. It was previously announced that these cars will come out in 2023, but the development schedule has been moved to overdrive, according to new reports.

The plan has been put into overdrive, according to insiders, suggesting that we might see the product even faster than planned. Apple has partnered up with undisclosed Taiwanese supply chain partners for the development of its vehicle. And as early as Q2, 2021, they are supposed to mass-produce the components needed.


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Sources also say that the Cupertino giant runs a secret program on the roads of California, where it is testing multiple movable prototypes of its car project. Back in 2017, the company got permission to test self-driving cars. Apple works closely on self-driving chips with TSMC and is said to be in “preliminary collaboration negotiations” to fulfill its ambitions with common automobile manufacturers.

The business is recruiting workers from big corporations like Tesla and others to work on the project, according to our previous article. If it is indeed true that the rumors of Apple launching its car in 2021 are true, it could provide a little sneak peek of its Apple Car plan.


But the success behind Apple Car is its unique innovation of batteries that could “radically” minimize battery costs and expand the range of the vehicle. For Apple, the latest initiative would be a challenge, as it produces millions of items per year. But there is a worldwide assembly of the products. Apple’s big struggle would be to set up its automotive supply chain.

“If there is one company on the planet that has the resources to do that, it’s probably Apple. But at the same time, it’s not a cellphone.” 

When Automated Car Of Apple Will Arrive?

Since its formation in 2014, there’s been a number of rumors surrounding Project Titan. But then it was very clear that, due to the internal issues, the project was interrupted and nothing convincing had been accomplished. But now, the studies are strong, and in 2025 the car may finally be launched.

The automatic electric car that Apple produces has possibly already been planned, but the physical work could still be in the works. Recently, Apple obtained an independent testing permit from the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), California, to start testing its car near California’s Cupertino HQ.

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