All About $740 billion Defense Bill: Why Is It Overridden By The US House?


On Monday, President Donald Trump‘s veto of the annual defense authorization bill was overruled by the US House of Representatives by a vote of 322-87 for the first time during his term.

Importance Of The Defense Bill And Legislation:

The $740 billion defense bill called the National Defense Authorisation Act (NDAA) lays out the plans for the policies and programs of the Department of Defense (DoD) every year. It is the first time a veto from the presidency has been overridden by Congress.

Nancy Pelosi, Democratic Speaker of the House in a statement stated after the House vote that “The President’s reckless veto would have denied our service members hazard duty pay; our families paid family leaves, child care, housing improvements, and health protection; and our veterans their benefits. It would have senselessly deprived our allies and country of key protections for global peace and security — including for cyber-security, following a massive attack on our country.”


An article indicated that the legislation is a “must-pass” because it pays the American armed forces’ salaries and that no politician will want to be connected to attempts to block military pay and arms financing. Trump would use his final weeks in power to “inject more turbulence into US politics,” another article reported.

Why Did This Happen?

Opponents of Trump’s veto also said that the legislation would not terminate Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act (CDA) and also that Russia and China are a “gift.”

US House Overrides Trump's Veto Of USD 740 Billion Defence Bill | Inventiva


Section 230 of the CDA provides online platforms with protection and prevents them from becoming responsible for the quality that billions of people share per day on their websites. Furthermore, under such a provision, providers of “interactive computer services” are free to treat any material users posting as a publisher or speaker, making those sites “unfettered by federal or state regulations.”

Trump signed an executive order earlier this year aimed at removing these guarantees. The action came after two posts trump has made on the social media site about California’s vote-by-mail plans were classified as fact-checked by Twitter.

Trump said that it is necessary to abolish or make changes to Section 230 because the current provisions threaten national defense and electoral integrity by enabling misinformation to propagate.

Trump also opposed the bill and claimed that it undermines his foreign policy initiatives, such as his forces in Afghanistan, Germany, and South Korea to minimize US troops. Because of its plan to rename those military bases that have been named after Confederate generals, he is also opposed to it.

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