Akudama Drive Episode 5: Release Date and The Story Till Now


TAkudama Drive is one of the most visually stylistic anime to come out in 2020. Its cyberpunk elements are astounding to look at and the action is breathtaking. Originally the show was supposed to air in July 2020 but the ongoing CoVID-19 pandemic delayed it until October. With four episodes in, fans can hardly wait for Akudama Drive Episode 5.

Akudama Drive is set in a dystopian future in Kansai and follows Akudama or criminals, pursued by the government. We follow these criminals on various missions with amazing cyberpunk aesthetic and the obvious Quentin Tarantino influence.

The story till now…

Needless to say, if you haven’t watched Akudama Drive, spoilers ahead!


Swindler notices that the police have caught up with them. Black Cat commands Cutthroat and Brawler to eliminate them for them to carry on their plan. Obviously, Brawler gets pumped about the fight. Black Cat asks Hacker to open the door in advance. The Policeman and Policewoman appear suddenly intending to execute the Akudama crew. Policewoman attacks Brawler with a lightning sword which he dodges.

Akudama Drive Episode 5
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When she tries to chase the crew, Brawler grabs her by the leg and pins her to the floor. He proceeds to bang her with the wall. The policeman calls it a sin for Brawler to let his guard off. Brawler replies to him that it is time for him to get revenge in the rematch.

The Policeman, not knowing that Brawler has improved since their last battle, attacks him. Brawler blocks all of his attacks easily. Hence, letting Hacker open the doors. Courier decides that he needs his bike for the job and it is behind the Policeman. As Brawler gets a kick to his chin, Courier fires some shot as heads towards the Policeman. The crew proceeds with the mission as Brawler, Doc, and Courier fight the Policeman and Policewoman.


Brawler lands a punch that sends the Policeman flying. The Policeman gets up and takes on Courier and Brawler at the same time. The Policewoman also decides to come back strong as she joins the fight. Courier manages to get his bike and Brawler puts the Policeman to sleep with Hoodlum’s help.

The crew manages to escape the police and advance with their mission. As they reach the final carriage, Black Cat disintegrates into ash. Furthermore, it also leaves behind a special seal required to unlock the vault. The Akudama opens the vault and find two children inside. One of the children is a boy who has been controlling Black Cat the whole time and is the orchestrator of the mission.

Expect to find out more in Akudama Drive Episode 5

Akudama Drive Episode 5: Release Date and Where to Watch

The release date of Akudama Drive Episode 5 is November 5, 2020 at 9:30 PM JST. A brand new Akudama Drive episode comes out every Thursday.

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