After Rajini’s End To Politics, Arjunamurthy Comments: Rajini And Modi Are His Two Eyes!


2020 ending on a worse note, as Rajinikanth says NO to politics, claiming God has sent him a warning. Well, this appears to exacerbate 2020 more.  Although it seems, his followers are supporting Thalaivar no matter what the situation is. Recently, Ra Arjunamurthy, one of the members, who has quit BJP for Rajinikanth’s party made headlines. On Wednesday, the former BJP member said that Narendra Modi and Rajinikanth are his two eyes. He made this comment by saying that both the noblemen want to do something good for the people of Tamil Nadu as well as India.

Ra Arjunamurthy- a former BJP member and a present Makkal Sevai Katchi member:

Ra Arjunamurthy stated in the recent press conference that “I decide to continue to stay with Rajinikanth. If someone in our family gets sick how can we leave them and go?” He continued by adding “We should stay with them and that is the right thing. Rajini has already said that he will do public services then what is the problem in standing with him. He is a great leader and a good man”.

Ra Arjunamurthy with Rajinikanth


On Tuesday, superstar Rajinikanth promulgated that he will not be starting his political party saying that the recent heath issue is a warning from God. Consequently, it’s officially confirmed that there will no plans ahead of Thalavar’s party in the 2021 Tamil Nadu election. Ra Arjunamurthy is enduring along with Rajini, affirming that Thalaivar is like his family. Meanwhile, the hospital asked Rajini to take a rest. He also said that Rajini intends to do good for the people and there is no difference of opinion.

He comments that “I have two eyes, one is Modi and the other is Rajinikanth because both of them want to do something for Tamil people and the country. That was the reason which drove me to join along with his trust and affection for me”.

On the other hand, BJP president L Murugan invited Arjanamurthy to join the party, but he refused innocuously by staying in Makkal Sevai Katchi. As he reveres superstar, Rajinikanth.

Moreover, during the party’s incipient stage, Ra Arjunamurthy was one of the prominent members accompanied Rajinikanth.

What will happen to Thalaivar’s Makkal Sevai Katchi?


Initially, superstar, Rajinikanth promulgated his entry into politics on 31st December 2017. And now exactly after three years, he flags his departure from politics.

Superstar Rajinikanth

Lately, Rajinikanth expressed his break from politics through a statement on Twitter. With a powerful note of helping people of Tamil Nadu without beginning a political party.  Thalaivar concluded his statement by saying “I do not want to make a scapegoat of the people, who have believed in me by entering politics and not caring about my health just because some people will criticize me for my decision”.

However, Makkal Sevai Katchi’s leader promises to bring goodness to his people.



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