Afghanistan: India asks its Citizens to Immediately Return as Soon as Possible


Indian authorities on Tuesday urged its nationals in Afghanistan; to return as soon as possible. They have asked them to make all the preparations to return; before commercial flights run out of service.

Indian Nationals Asked to Leave Afghanistan as Soon as Possible

Amid rising violence, India has asked its nationals in Afghanistan to return as early as possible before commercial air services are discontinued. The war-torn country is witnessing a constant battle; between the Taliban and the security forces. However, the Taliban has started showing its true colors in the country; after the withdrawal of the US and NATO troops. They are slaughtering people and seizing various regions in the country.


Afghanistan: India asks its Citizens to Immediately Return as Soon as Possible
Source: Times of India

The Authorities have Given At Least Three Warnings

A security advisory from the Indian authorities in Afghanistan; also called on Indian firms functioning in the country. They have asked the firms to immediately stop all the ongoing projects; and withdraw Indian employees before air travels get halted. However, India is issuing advisory since June 29 this year; but the authorities on the other side have not responded. They have warned for the third time again on Tuesday. Besides that, India has already started evacuating its nationals; from the northern city of Mazar-e-sharif. The nationals were rescued in the Indian Air Force aircraft; amid the Taliban’s march in the region.

Several Commercial Flights are Already Discontinued


There is violence everywhere in several parts of Afghanistan. Due to security reasons, India has decided; to discontinue several commercial flights very soon. This is the reason why the authorities are encouraging nationals; to make return plans immediately. However, they have given three warnings so far. On Tuesday, the advisory announced that they are discontinuing commercial flights; in several cities and provinces due to increasing violence. Henceforth, the authorities have asked the Indian nationals to keep an eye on the availability of commercial flights; in several provinces as many of them are discontinued.

Afghanistan: India asks its Citizens to Immediately Return as Soon as Possible
Source: Dawn

How many Indian Nationals are there in Afghanistan?

According to recent data, there are about 1500 Indian nationals; in Afghanistan. Most of them are workers and professionals; involved with some or the other firm. Besides that, some of them are also working for the Indian government; under the $3 billion pledge for reconstruction and development efforts. However, Indian nationals in the country; are on the verge of getting kidnapped. The Taliban is showing no mercy to the citizens of the country and; Indian nationals are no exceptions. Moreover, the situation will get worse after August 31; when the US and NATO troops will completely withdraw themselves; from the war-torn country. Henceforth, the authorities have requested the Indian nationals; to make immediate preparations for returning.

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