About Us

Today in Bermuda is a news media platform that aims to make a difference in the media industry. We are an online-based news source whose aim is to keep our readers updated in key areas like politics, business, science, and healthcare. We are dedicated to excellence and accurate journalism. For us at Today in Bermuda, information brings the world closer and can help people make sense of their society. While we strive to bring you the latest happenings, we do not compromise on quality and honesty. We report events just the way they are regardless of who and what is involved. We are politically neutral and in no way do we support or favor any political party through our news reports.

We do our best to be open and transparent. Our reports are thoroughly verified before they are published. It is our desire to be known as one of the most trusted and most reliable news source in America and beyond. We want to feed our readers with the facts of the different events we report at all times. Our reports are written in correct English and are available every day of the week.

At Today in Bermuda we work with professionals who understand the ethics of journalism. Our reporters are always on ground sourcing for news and ensuring that they gather relevant information about major happenings in America. Our content is created by a team of writers and editors who have experience in the media industry. They do an in-depth analysis of reports so that our readers can benefit from the information they read.

At Today in Bermuda, we are passionate about delivering quality service. We want the best for our numerous readers and that is why we welcome criticisms, suggestions, and recommendations from them. We want you to be part of our journey as we make our mark in the industry.