Aayush Rana Is A Brilliant Entrepreneur With a Vision For An Amazing Future


If you want it, you grab it. Aayush Rana, a young, bright, and creative soul with great potential, makes this statement purely correct. He is just 23 years old and is young enough to make others wonder how he can achieve so much at such a nubile age. He has a mind that is capable of doing complex computations and programming.

Aayush is originally from Ludhiana and a B. Tech CSE graduate from Lovely Professional University. He is so much interested in programming that he started doing so from class 11th itself. At such an early stage of life, he owns many blogs, social media pages, a network of over 20 million audiences on Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

How Aayush Rana’s Journey Shows His Brilliance:


Aayush Rana is quite the engineer that the nation should be proud of. He has made real changes in digital marketing by forming KR Media. This media company is responsible for a lot of news, entertainment, and tech websites.

He is almost ready to take his company- KR Media, to international space. These days, he is starting an E-commerce store, FirstBox, with Narendra Dagar, who has also inspired many youngsters.


In the B2B space, small businesses and buyers are not given the priority they require. Hence, this was the idea behind the formation of FirstBox by Narendra Dagar and Aayush Rana. However, when it comes to e-commerce and online stores, many people are afraid of the hidden costs and the formalities associated with it. Also, there are trust issues and also fear of degradation in quality.

But, they have brought a solution to all those who want to embark on a new journey with the launch of FirstBox. FirstBox will bring the small-scale buyers and vendors closer, and also, anyone with a lower limit can take the help of its services by availing the membership of FirstBox. FirstBox has unique strategies, and with these strategies, it seeks to eliminate all the fears that businesses have of online stores.

They have also decided to cut off all the unnecessary costs, and the only cost is the membership fee and the charges of holding the inventory at the warehouse. Aayush Rana, with his fantastic vision, is ready to climb to the top of the marketing sector.


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