A High Rise Of Asymptomatic Coronavirus Patients In Hubei, China.


China, the incipient of coronavirus, has transferred over 20,000 people to a safe zone, following the surge of new coronavirus. On Monday, China’s Shijiazhuang in Hebei Province made the headlines again. According to the sources, many people have been evacuated to allocated quarantine areas for proper medical observation.

As per Global Times, a Chinese newspaper tweeted that; “More than twenty thousand people in twelve villages in Zengcun country of Gaocheng district in North China’s Shijiazhuang; have been transferred to designated quarantine areas for medical observation since Monday”. Furthermore, the tweet continues ” The country reported the first covid19 case on January 2nd during this round of flare-ups in Hebei”. Moreover, Hebei has over 770 confirmed cases, with six deceased cases as of now.

What is the reason for sudden evacuation?

Coronavirus cases in Hubei, China rises suddenly.


Meanwhile, one of the Chinese experts warns that the spread of coronavirus in China; will be more infectious and transmissible, and asymptomatic than the previous one. He also urges people with silent infection from villages, will be prone to the virus. Thereby leading to a big challenging issue for China. This was brought into the limelight after the surge of new cases in Shijiazhuang.

However, the villages are replete with a lack of monitoring and reporting system. Ultimately, leading to a huge number of coronavirus cases.

What is the report of current cases in Hubei, China?

Having said, on Monday, Hebei reported a total of 103 confirmed cases. It is taking place for the first time with the highest cases after five months. Lastly, Urumqi, Xinjing was reported with the highest spark of 100 fresh cases in July.


Even with proper precaution, Hubei is on the top, with the hardest hit Chinese province record. And this winter, 2020, Hubei reports over 40 fresh cases. Besides, several infected groups were said to be evolved in the region. Eventually, experts say this would cause risks of cross-regional spread of the coronavirus.

What have the new symptoms emerged in Hubei?

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However, we all know the symptoms of coronavirus; breathlessness, sore throat, cough, and so on. But lately, due to this new issue, doctors claim that most of the patients are asymptomatic. Consequently, enabling a tough examination for each doctor in China.

On the other hand, it becomes a hot issue, as the Spring Festival holiday is around the corner. Hebei is well known for its Spring Festival celebration in February. So, Chinese officials claim a proper and tight restriction in these regions in order to curtail coronavirus cases.


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