8K Gaming is an ‘Aspirational Technology’ : Phill Spencer [ Xbox ]


Microsoft’s very own video gaming brand, Xbox represents applications(games), streaming services, the development arm Xbox Game Studios, and an online service named Xbox Live. Microsoft launched it with the original Xbox console in 2001.

Recently, Xbox boss Phil Spencer said that the 8K technology is not a fit for the lifestyle of most of the gamers reasonably, while the upcoming Xbox Series X is going to support 8K televisions in some capacity.

What Has The Xbox Head Has Got To Say?


However, most of the gamers will not be able to take advantage of the 8K for a number of reasons, the advantage of the launch of both the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 who are going to support the next evolution of monitor resolution.

Microsoft discontinues Xbox One X and Xbox One S digital edition ahead of Series X launch - The Verge
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The prices of 8K Televisions are still out of the affordable range of the average consumer, with a halfway-decent costing a minimum of thousands of dollars. Even if you manage to bring such a luxury item to your place, they are going to discover the issue that most of the 4K early adopters faced a decade earlier.


This problem can be found in almost all forms of media, and most especially in the world of video games.
In the current generation, the launch of the “pro” consoles(PlayStation Pro and Xbox One X pro) was the time that totally brought 4K gaming into the mainstream market. Although, games for that system generally had to sacrifice in order to run at acceptable levels, and very often, it was important to bump down the resolution to favor better performance.

In a recent talk with Wired, Phil Spencer agrees with the statement, saying “I think 8K is the aspirational technology. However, the display features and capabilities of devices are not there in the real world yet.” Spencer stated. “In my opinion, we are still years away from 8K being- if it ever is- standard in the video game world.” In the same talk, Spencer further insisted that 120-HZ technology, which is said to be delivering double the standard framerates of today’s games, is also be contained in Xbox Series X, and that is more important right now with current systems, to experience it rather than increased resolution.

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Spencer has somehow lost the plot when we talk about Xbox Series X and its advancements in the console space. However, the main focus of the interview is how the hardware is not the Microsoft is offering this time, instead, they are focussing on Game Pass, and on providing a better experience for every platform that will support offerings of Microsoft.

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