5 Methods To Boost the Battery Capacity Of Your Smartphone


Have you ever thought what if I had better battery life, how much more I could be able to do? It becomes very hectic if your battery keeps draining whatever you do. This could be just because of some of the wrong habits that you are opting for. Have you ever encountered trouble maintaining your smartphone’s battery life? You have to bear the added weight of a power bank or some other portable charger if you have to go outside for a day.

We are here with 5 methods or habits that you can go to increase your smartphone’s battery life without any extra effort.

1. Turn Off Location/GPS For Better Battery:


On our smartphones, we continuously use numerous applications that require access to our location. Turning your GPS location on help you use these tools, but it requires a lot of power at the same time. Thus, the battery life is quickly lost.

Go to settings and switch off ‘location’ to turn your GPS location off. This will help to conserve a lot of the battery life of the smartphone.


5 Effective ways to Increase the Battery life of your Smartphone - TechnoSports

2. Dark Wallpaper Can Help:

This may sound strange, but placing a vibrant wallpaper with a ton of shades easily drains your device’s battery life. For power, a display with several shades will use up more energy. Additionally, stay far away from using animated or moving wallpapers. They will drain your battery very quickly.

3. Reduce Brightness Of The Screen:

Brightness could be one of the most critical factors if your phone drains very easily! Strongbrightness easily results in a loss of battery capacity, especially for smartphones with sharper displays. What should you do here? Decrease your device’s brightness level.

Other than when you are outside in the light, low down the brightness of your smartphone.


4. Silent The Phone And Low Down The Volume:

What is the reason? This is since it has to produce energy to ring if your mobile rings due to a call or beeps due to a post. Your cell drains this generation of energy. Thus, you can only keep your phone in silent mode to prevent your computer from doing so. Also, when viewing any media content, strive to maintain the media volume as low as reasonably achievable, and use headsets.

5. Lower Down The Number Of Background Apps:

Even though the applications are locked, it does not imply they don’t really run in the background. Therefore, they begin to consume a portion of your battery life, thereby consuming it faster. Tap Settings > Applications & Alerts to prevent your notifications from doing so, and also, tap Advanced > Battery > Background Limitation.

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