4 Fresh Cases Of Highly Contagious Covid Strain From The UK Reported In India, Total 29


On Friday, the Central government stated that four additional cases of the extremely infectious mutant form of Coronavirus by the UK had been identified in the world, bringing the total number of such reports to 29 so far.

In Bengaluru, three out of the four new infections were identified and one from Hyderabad, the Union Health Ministry said. To date, 10 cases are being detected by laboratories in Delhi, 10 by laboratories in Bengal, three in Hyderabad, one in West Bengal, and five by the National Virology Institute in Pune.

The UK Government has recently told that the newly detected mutant of the Coronavirus is 70 percent more transmissible than the previous variant of the covid virus.


The presence of the new UK variant has already been reported by Denmark, Netherlands, Japan, Lebanon, Australia, Italy, Spain, Switzerland, Sweden, France, Germany, Canada, and Singapore.

Four new cases of mutant coronavirus strain detected in India; total tally  reaches 29
The Statesman

In compliance with the British Government’s statement, the Indian Government has taken cognizance of the mutant variant studies and placed in place a pro-active and protective plan to recognize and control the mutant variant.

It involved the temporary ban, with the start from midnight on 23 December to 31 December, of all flights coming from the UK. Later on, it was applied to January 7. The suspension of scheduled international passenger flights other than air bubble flights caused by the coronavirus was extended until 31 January.

Situation Of The passengers From The UK:


Approximately 33,000 passengers disembarked from the UK at different Indian airports between November 25 and December 23 at midnight. All those travelers are being monitored and exposed to RT-PCR tests by states and UTs.

The Bureau of Immigration has published a list of all UK arrivals over the last 28 days with the respective states. All travelers arriving from the United Kingdom between 25 November and 20 December 2020 are being monitored by the State and District Surveillance Units. There is a worry because a few such individuals have mysteriously disappeared.

The very same research, isolation, and genome survey procedure are being practiced for those who are tracked.  Improved contact tracing of these true positive cases is performed and their contacts also are put within facility quarantine and the release of positive cases is approved after 14 days only when two of their results have been tested negative.

Incidentally, India already has 3 variants of its own, but they function primarily like the original virus. The objective is to track whether any indication of transforming into an India Variant is shown by the UK or South African variant.

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