We are disappointed, yet not surprised, that the OBA Government acted against the best interests of Bermudians by voting to privatise our airport for 30 years.”

This coming from Opposition Leader and Shadow Finance Minister David Burt via a press statement. “This deal will send $2.4 billion of revenue to a Canadian company, while Bermudian taxpayers are burdened with a $586 million bill.

“This deal has been marked with questions and controversy from the very start. Since no members of the OBA backbench or the independent MP willing to take a stand, the privatisation of Bermuda’s airport is one step closer to reality. During the lengthy debate, the PLP stood strong for Bermudians and demonstrated the massive scale of public revenue that will be transferred to Aecon. We raised concerns that many Bermudians may be excluded from job opportunities due to the 720 hours of in-school training required by Aecon for masons and painters.

“The Senate now has a chance to weigh in and vote against the OBA’s airport privatisation bill that will weaken the country’s finances. We urge all Bermudians opposed to the transfer of $2.4 billion in tax revenue to a Canadian company to contact Senators to encourage them to bring a pause to the privatisation of our airport.”

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