Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and without a doubt locals from East to West are wrecking their brains looking for the perfect way to say: “I love you!”

Flowers and chocolates are so 1987! If you live on the Island, the perfect gift for Valentine’s Day or any other occasion can be found below ground level at the Grotto Bay Beach Resort.

I know I am aging myself, but I remember there used to be a nightclub in the caves and I recall going there once as a teen or in my early 20s. Ironically I visit there again over two decades later to enjoy peace and quiet and quite possibly the BEST massage I’ve ever had in my life.

After a delicious lunch in the hotel’s dining room with my daughter, we headed down to the caves to try something different. 

The first thing that hits you is the chill. Because Natura Cave Spa is below sea level, naturally it would be a couple of degrees cooler, but that was soon forgotten as the serenity and beauty of the caves takes you to another place. 

As one who doesn’t like swimming past September, seeing the tents elevated above the water kind of scared me. A whole pile of “What ifs” starting floating around.

“What if the braces in the celing weaken and we fall in water?”

“What if the water is cold and I can’t swim in it?”

“What if no one hears us screaming for help from the water?”

Now you see why I don’t watch horror movies. I am silly!

We were greeted by our masseuses who took us to our pagoda. And to my chagrin, they moved slightly! I didn’t think that I would enjoy the massage because I was so consumed with the water beneath.

But once Vicki started working her magic, combined with the toastiness of the heater, I was in heaven! I love when I receive a massage which feels like the masseuse worked on me without leaving me in pain. I’ve experienced massages elsewhere and cringed with every touch, praying for each minute to pass and make it to 60. This was not one of those moments.

Vicki explained what she was going to do and asked pertinent questions to enhance my comfort. I swear this was one of the top ten 60 minutes of pleasure in my life!

At one point, she woke me up and told me that my daughter was laughing at me because I was snoring so loudly (there is no video evidence so I shall deny it with dignity!). The massage was that good!!

I just wanted to stay there forever but alas, all good things must come to an end. Although I enjoyed the massage with my daughter, this is definitely a fantastic experience for couples.

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