HATE. ANGER. DIVISION. Those, are the three words that could describe last week's incidents which took place outside of the House of Assembly.

It was surreal, It looked as if it was something out of a movie rather than an encounter taking place in Bermuda in 2016.

Similarly, it was as if the different scenes were being played over and over again on our social media timelines.

Just like December 2, 1977, December 2, 2016, was another eerie day that will go down in the history books.

Young people, adults, seniors, and children alike watched as our Bermudian counterparts were tossed around in the ring with the Bermuda Police Service, in particular the Riot Squad. Yes, the riot squad, who were sent out to a bunch of peaceful protesters with no thought of rioting in mind.

Like I said earlier, it seemed as if it was a movie, as the group of riot squad officers in their black gear came stomping down Parliament Street in unison. It looked like they were heading straight to “attack” the assembled protesters. Instead, the group of approximately 20 to 30 officers attempted to shove themselves through the crowd of no less than 100 people.

After a few pushes and shoves and exchanging of words, they were unsuccessful.

Yet, they persistently continued in their journey and marched over to the southern side of the Parliament Building.

This is where you can say, ‘all hell broke loose’.

Onlookers watched as an elderly woman, who wasn't doing anything but watching from on top of the steps, was tossed to the ground forcefully by a police officer. Not only did the protesters who were present witness that, but the whole island watched and replayed it over and over again.

Additionally, without hesitation officers who were positioned above the protesters began to pepper spray anyone and anything walking. It broke my heart to see senior citizens walking away choking and gushing water into their eyes. Those were people's grandmothers, mothers, aunts, and sisters. Can you imagine if that was YOUR family member? How would you feel inside?

Overall, the events on Friday December 2, are not to be forgotten. It was a sad day for our island. A day full of division and rage. Incidents took place that could have been avoided. As the end of the week approaches, and it is anticipated that another protest is due to take place, let's hope and pray it isn't a duplicate of last week. Please, let cooler heads prevail and let us as an island be unified, and not divided. 

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