• Written by  Morgan Kerr
At a very young age I moved to Bermuda... no fault of my own. I was 2 years old. My father arrived in Bermuda in 2000. My mother followed a year later with me. I have been raised and spent my entire life here but both my parents are Scottish. My father has been here for 16 years, going 17 in September, my mother 15 years. Both of my parents would now qualify for PRC under the Pathway To Status, something I have been hoping for, for a very long time.   
Growing up my parents have always been on a work permit and every year they were uncertain if we had to pack up our life here and move back to Scotland, a place I'm not familiar with.
I have attended nursery, preschool, primary, middle, and high school. Currently I attend the Berkeley Institute and in 3 months I will be a graduate. Bermuda is my home, the only home I honestly know. This is home regardless if I was born here or not. In December, I turn 18. I must leave the island or attend Bermuda College where I could stay until I was 21 on my parents work permit but I would not be able to work to fund my college fees. 
This is a very frustrating time for me because I don't want to be separated from my family, my whole life is here, my friends my loved ones everything. If I leave I feel like both my parents and I will be deprived of family life. Like a lot of others I am very affected by it. People have always been shocked when I tell them I'm not from Bermuda.
I have one sister who was raised & born here. She is not entitled to any Bermudian Status. In my eyes I am Bermudian. Why? People will question this but my reason is because I've spent my whole entire life here and know nothing but the Bermudian lifestyle and culture. I have been very blessed to be raised on this island and met so many wonderful people.
This is where I want to be, my island home. Nothing compares to here. 


  • Annoyed at the ignorance
    Annoyed at the ignorance Sunday, 08 January 2017 13:58 Comment Link

    For the igorabt commenting on here saying "oh she can go back to Scotland but bermudians can't.
    Please educate yourselves. Bermudians can apply and are eligible for British citizenship which currently allows for bermudians to work, live, or study anywhere inside of the EU as long as England remains in the EU.
    So actually if a Bermudian wants to - they CAN go to Scotland. I'm sick of this nonsense this girl has been on this rock for almost her entire life she should be allowed to basic human rights just like everyone else. Bermuda is in direct violation of its very own Constitution by preventing this with illegal immigration laws. So please. For everyone's sake pull your head out your......

  • What will be left ?
    What will be left ? Friday, 18 March 2016 21:22 Comment Link

    I understand your sense of belonging because this is the only place you call home. But you are Scottish and u hv all the rights given to you as a Scottish national. What happen to the bermudian children . This is the only home they know and will inherit. U r asking to take a piece of there birth right. Would u be willing to relinquish your Scottish birth right to be Bermudian or would u take them both ?

    When I look at this issue I look at the size of Bermuda and the amount of people they will as for a pieces of a place that is not large enough to satisfy the needs of many.

  • Concerned Bermudian
    Concerned Bermudian Friday, 18 March 2016 12:35 Comment Link

    To all you people that posted those comments to me. My daughters are born bermudians! They have a bermudian father and a Bermudian mother!

  • Eugene Calder
    Eugene Calder Thursday, 17 March 2016 18:34 Comment Link

    Its ironic how one can almost accurately tell the color of skin simply based on comments. Its also ironic how commentors go by pseudonyms and never real names. Alot of you who are in defense of this young lady are closet racists because you can find all the time in the world to degrade black Bermudians in these forums under pseudonyms but very rarely and I mean like every fourth leap year rarely, would you say these things in a public domain amongst black people in fear of retribution which will undoubtedly be deserved. We all have a right to say what we like, but if you're going to say these things degrading black Bermudians, well at least build up the courage to say it to our faces. This situation with this immigration needed to happen because now its highlighting how we really feel about each other and maybe it will force us to have that elephant in the room conversation regarding racism and classism. Some of you all will never understand how black Bermudians feel because what we live is not your reality. Therefore, you have no reason to really think about and analyze our plight and why these things happen to us. You have no reason to think about it because it doesnt affect you or concern you. And that is why you feel justified to make the comments that you do, despite it seeming like all you're doing is being supportive of this young lady and others in situations like her. I agree that certain people should be granted a way to obtain status but this doesnt mean we should open the floodgates for everyone. So just as much as you may not agree with people like @concernedcitizen does that give you justification to unleash your racialized thoughts? And you same people will ask whats wrong with black people. Maybe you should start by asking yourself what is wrong with you. Just as much as you may think black Bermudians are the problem there is no effect without a cause...thats a basic tenement of physics. Pick the bones out of that. Regards,

  • Bermuda Triangle
    Bermuda Triangle Thursday, 17 March 2016 08:25 Comment Link

    Concerned Bermudians what if her parents are running (own) a local/exempt company you would be prepared to put many Bermudians out of work? Yes you kids could go and work in Scotland or anyplace in Europe. It is about BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS. I wonder if you asked the 1000 marching why they were marching and explained themselves only 20% would have a vague idea. Ignorant.

  • Supportive expat
    Supportive expat Thursday, 17 March 2016 03:09 Comment Link

    Hi Morgan,
    I used to be one of the expat teachers at the Berkeley institute, working very hard to educate the island's locals as well as a few individuals in your situation. I remember you well, and I think you have every right to stay in Bermuda since that is your home! Anyone who says otherwise is simply cruel. Anyone who is well educated will be the first to admit that Bermuda's economy would completely crumble without the existence of expat life. All I have to say back to the person above is to tell your two daughters to leave bermuda, go get a proper education post senior school, then come back and claim a job that's rightfully theirs! The only reason your jobs are being given to outsiders is because there are no suitable Bermudian candidates. Last but not least, I want to say that I'm proud of you for your post, and that it's very well written. Keep up the great work, Morgan!

  • Bermudian
    Bermudian Wednesday, 16 March 2016 23:50 Comment Link

    Bermudians need to spotty selfishness honestly. You don't see the British complaining when you all are going over there and putting yourself on welfare. When you want your kids to go away to the US to get a better future, don`t say anything. And they are willing to give you a green card. If you all paid attention in school, they would have told you, more people equals more money spending equals more jobs. Why should they leave? Because their taking the jobs that you don't want? You don't see any Bermudians cutting trees, and sweeping the streets because their one lazy and two their pride is to high. What you need to do is come off your high horse, go back to work because you f'ing up the economy by playing around and doing dumb crap. Teaching your kids to do nonsense like this and now our future generation is already mentally f uped because they are getting the education they need. Stop complain and expecting everything to be handed to you, Bermuda needs to grow! and we are suffering because of foolish, childish things like this! Morgan you have my vote! Don't let these foolish selfish people bring you down, they just want to have an excuse to get days off.

  • Sam
    Sam Wednesday, 16 March 2016 23:14 Comment Link

    Concerned Bermudian,

    Your response is idiotic. If you do the math you will realize that her family alone has contributed millions directly to Bermudian families through rent, utilities, food and services. More people cannot equal less jobs. If your daughters have trouble finding jobs, then they must look harder. I have many Bermudian friends of various races and they have all lined up jobs for this summer. I am also Bermudian myself and know of many job opportunities that exist on the island. Leverage forums such as majs list and if your daughters do not have a job opportunity in a week I will eat my hat.

    An annoyed Bermudian.

  • Lap
    Lap Wednesday, 16 March 2016 22:53 Comment Link

    Just be grateful you were able to stay in Bermuda for 16 years, your parents should have trained a Bermudian to do their job, and they could leave and return to Scotland. You must understand how a Bermudians feels when they loose their jobs, and then their homes, and cannot find jobs in their own country. They can't go to Scotland and work. Their children come back from school and cannot find work. They owe thousands of dollars in school fees, and can only find jobs to cover weekly expenses. I hope this will help you understand our positions. Come back as a visitor, you are quite welcome to visit us, on vacation.

  • Concerned Bermuda
    Concerned Bermuda Wednesday, 16 March 2016 21:46 Comment Link

    The comments above are disgusting. I truly don't understand where your morals are and where your heart is. How would you feel if you were in this girl's shoes and people were against you? Try to have an open mind and change your perspective for once.

    P.S. Bermuda is your home honey. Keep fighting


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