• Written by  Chris Famous

No sun will shine in my day today (no sun will shine)

The high yellow moon won't come out to play

I said  darkness has covered my light,

And has changed  my day into night

Bob Marley
Concrete Jungle

There is much talk about the breakdown of society and the plight of the young black men in our island home. This or that expert gives their dissertations and presentations on whatever  they deem is the missing link.

Somehow I wish some of these professional can be transported back in time.

Yes transported to “Back in the day” to “Life in the Hood”

If they had that privilege to actually see how those of us who grew up on Pond Hill actually lived.

They would see neighbors who were either related by blood, marriage, or any given social combination.

Essentially we are all family. We are all one.

For the young men of my generation we knew our place and we were kept in place by our elders. Elder being anyone who was old enough to give us a timely prescribed “wringer” or tongue lashing.

One such elder was Mr. Ronald Raynor-Mills aka Reagan.

Without a doubt he was never one to mince words when we used to “act up”. Yet had the uncanny ability to take you under his wing and in his own words: ” Look here yute seems like you need some schooling”

This schooling would take place in any given spot:

Back of the Boiler Room

Outside of Pepper Pot

Standing on the bridge over Palmetto Road

Part Visionary, part General, he like so many others from that era had not only a plan but loyal soldiers to carry out the tasks at hand. Like another Fallen Soldier Andre Mason, Reagan would show us how to not only uplift ourselves and our families but how to move our entire community forward.

Utilising a number of avenues he was one of the major architects of the betterment of the intertwined communities of Eastern Pembroke and Western Devonshire.

Many can testify of his generosity in providing discounted or free trucking for residents in the area who were renovating their houses or businesses. The same truck would be used to clean up debris along the narrow roads of our community.

His mantra being that once people see the area clean and houses expanding they will want to do their part to continue the growth of investment in the area. He was immensely proud that Bermuda’s best Fish Sandwiches and Beef Pies came from our neighborhood.

Equally as passionate about our community clubs he was a die-hard supporter of Devonshire Recreation Club. “Ole Ole Ole” all day would be his cry anytime they won a trophy.

There is much that will be said about Reagan in coming days and weeks. No one knows why he is not here with us in person. Yet his teachings will be with us forever.

Ronald Raynor-Mills aka Reagan your “youtes”, your “soldiers” salute you our General.

Much negativity is said about the community from which we grew

Much negativity is said about the people we loved and knew

Despite the negativity those of us from Pond Hill will keep pushing through.


  • Tam Foggo
    Tam Foggo Sunday, 09 April 2017 11:50 Comment Link

    Two sides, to every coin, I love this side of Regan!

  • Finote
    Finote Thursday, 30 March 2017 21:14 Comment Link

    Well written and much to be proud of.


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