• Written by  Carla Zuill

Since 2009 to date, 34 Black men have lost their lives as a result of gun crime.

Some young, some old. A few innocent. A few not. Either way you look at it, one man dead is one too many no matter where you are from on the Island.

Over the last nine years, people appear to be subconsciously careful about where they travel, while keeping an eye out for who is in their midst. Some respite, however, was the fact that victims of gun violence were targeted…so as long as one wasn’t involved with certain elements, they were okay.

Until George Lynch and Jason Smith were killed. While court testimony revealed that Mr. Lynch was shot by mistake, the motive for Mr. Smith’s murder on May 1, 2011, still eludes Police as he had no involvement with gangs whatsoever. It is believed that he was the the victim of mistaken identity, but it has never been definitively proven.

Fast forward to 2017 and many residents are afraid, as it is becoming more and more clear that no one is safe from the unrelenting violence, which seems to strike just as people are under the false belief that there is a lull.

Over the last year there seems to be a common denominator that seems to point to a specific area on the Island. And the group appears to be swelling in numbers, with no view of dissipating.

It seems they are fuelled by anger and resentment which simply will not abate.

The streets talk and names are called. Yet the Police do not appear to be doing anything. Or are they?

See that’s the sentiment which is repeated continuously, to the chagrin of the plethora of men and woman in blue. And to them, it is offensive.

Like residents in the community, they hear the names and the allegations and the finger pointing, but unless people are willing to come forward, there is not much they can do.

Imagine what it must feel like to know your neighbour is donning the socks of yours she stole off your line, but flaunts them in front of your face because you can’t prove she took them…while your other neighbour peers out the window and continues to say nothing.

“Ain’t my business. She’s crazy. I have to think about my family!”

Sounds familiar? Imagine how the parents of a murder victim feels every time someone decides to turn a blind eye in favour of injustice.

Fear paralyses while perpetrators continue to kill.

Mouths remain closed.

While the murders continue…

Families continue to suffer.

While the murders continue…


  • Shari-Lynn Pringle
    Shari-Lynn Pringle Wednesday, 08 March 2017 10:57 Comment Link

    So sad. So true. I know if I knew something I'd say something. How some people are able to sleep on this island amazes me. My heart breaks for everyone affected by these senseless and cowardly murders especially the parents who relive the moment each time there is another one. NO ONE has the right to take another persons life. I can't fathom where we as a community went so wrong that it empowers our own to take another's life.

  • good point
    good point Tuesday, 28 February 2017 14:37 Comment Link

    Great piece Carla...hopefully it will bring some more justice!


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