Youth activist and aspiring lawyer Eron Hill this morning shared with the media, amongst others, a letter which he has sent to One Bermuda Alliance MP Leah Scott, whom he considers a personal friend. 
In it, he probes her reluctance to resign from a party that she does not share the same ideals...and ponders her motive.
Good Morning Leah,
I had the opportunity to read your recent article published in The Royal Gazette entitled 'Resolution and Conversation have to be a part of the bigger picture'. It requires mental gymnastics of Olympic proportion when one attempts to understand how you continue to make these self contradictory statements with such monotonous regularity. 
With the greatest degree of respect, it would appear that your primary reasons for allowing yourself to be used to proffer such contradictory diatribe are to distract and intimidate the unwary and attempt to define, and therefore control the narrative surrounding the airport protest. Well, unfortunately it hasn't worked. In fact, it has exposed the very contradictory nature of the politics of which your government has operated over the past 4 years. Did you really think that lowly of the people of Bermuda that you felt they'd forget that just three weeks ago you said something totally different?
Three weeks ago, immediately following the protest you told the daily that it was "a very, very sad day" and you described the treatment of protesters as showing “no understanding of the history”. You didn't stop there though Madam MP; you went further to say you wish you were there with the protesters when you said: "I was disappointed with myself that I didn’t go. I am so angry with myself that I didn’t just get up and go." This is an interesting change of thought and position on the matter to say the very least.
Were these lies? Or is it as it appears? That you are willing to say whatever, whenever, to whomever as long as it seemingly will benefit you. Yesterday, you said "It is disappointing that the protesters went beyond legal protesting to illegally blocking the entrances to the House of Assembly so that Members of Parliament could not conduct the business of the country." 

I am reminded of a time in February 2015 when in your position of Junior Education Minister you lifted words from a Hello Beautiful article. Some plagiarism highlighters indicated as much as 85% of your letter had been taken directly from the the Hello Beautiful article. At that time, before publicly apologizing for your actions you tried to justify them by telling me that "I incorporated some of her thoughts into my letter".

Perhaps you've allowed someone to write yesterday's letter for you, or perhaps you've 'incorporated someone's thoughts' into your letter again because it drives a coach an horse through your previous stance on the matter. 

 MP Scott, it was your hapless use of the aphorism, "Follow your own convictions". Very very interesting statement coming from yourself.  Here is why I found it so interesting. 
Just two weeks ago, you emailed me and asked me to call you. We spoke for just under an hour and we spoke further afterwards.
You expressed to me your disgust at the events which occurred on Friday, December 2, 2016 when peaceful protesters were assaulted and pepper sprayed by the police. You indicated to me that you spoke with the leadership of your party beforehand and forewarned them of the implications of proceeding with the legislation in the arrogant manner that they have attempted to do so. However, very much to your dissatisfaction, they did not listen to you.
You openly expressed to me that your party is out of touch with people of this country and that you are privy to things that have left your spirit unsettled and your conscience torn. 
When I asked what was stopping you from resigning from your party you indicated that despite the fact that you are disgusted with the actions of the One Bermuda Alliance and despite the fact that you readily believe that the Progressive Labour Party will win the next general election, you question whether the party has the business dexterity and experience to lead this country to economic prosperity. In my view, this is a hollow argument that is separate and distinct from the consideration of whether you will accept, tolerate, and stand by the actions of your party as of late.
I explained that it was my belief that standing up against what your party allowed to occur on Friday would be well received by the people of this country, and your constituents.  You responded by saying that the protesters mostly did not comprise of the demographic which populates your constituency; a population you described as ‘older white retired businessmen and women’. It begs the question of whether keeping your seat is more important that the values which you and I both know that you stand for. I think not.
Whilst I understood that there may be concern about political longevity and a concern of facing the wrath of ‘the establishment’, I implored you to do what you feel within your heart is right. A quote by our late brother Martin Luther King Jr. comes to mind. I inserted your name where he said ‘one’ and ‘he’. I asked you to think about this.
‘Leah, there comes a time when you must take a position that is neither safe, nor politic, nor popular, but Leah you must take it because your conscious tells you it is right’- Martin Luther King Jr. 
You said that staying with the One Bermuda Alliance would allow you to be ‘the voice in the room’ for the people. Leah, as I stated when we spoke, whilst that is an ideal and optimistic view, it is a sad and fictitious falsehood. They do not care about you, nor do they respect your voice and they have shown you this time and time again.
On December 2, peacefully assembled elderly women were thrown to the ground, subjected to the burning sensations of pepper spray, and assaulted by police officers at the order of the government which you are a part of. There were handicapped elders that were injured by the police as they peacefully protested.
I implored you to make the right decision, and resign from your party. Now, I'm asking that you resign from parliament because Bermuda deserves consistent men and women to run this country. At the moment, like many of your parliamentary colleagues, tragically you fall short of that mark. 
You have shown the people of Bermuda that you are willing to be a part of the government that has shown a total disregard and disrespect for the people, a government that has led to the largest breakdown in social cohesion in our island’s recent history, and most sadly, a government that will allow peacefully gathered elderly, handicapped, and vulnerable citizens to be pepper sprayed and beaten.
I, like thousands of others, intend to hold this government to account, and that means everyone who is complicit in their actions. I hope that as I continue to do so I am able to say that you are not a part of such an organization.
Have a wonderful holiday!
Your Friend Eron

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