Minister of Public Works, Craig Cannonier, shot a few hoops at the new basketball half-court which was recently installed by the Department of Parks at Chaplin Bay. The new court is located in the upper car park and replaces a previous court which had fallen into a state of disrepair.

The new half-court, which was completed in September 2015, is in a slightly different location to its predecessor, being located to the further end of the parking area so that the game does not have to stop to give access to cars.

"The relocation of the court makes it safer for people to enjoy the game," said Minister Cannonier. "This is another effort by the Department of Parks to enhance our outdoor spaces and enrich our community. The Parks Department has done a fantastic job and I commend them for their fine work in making this happen, particularly Director of Parks Lisa-Dawn Johnston, Acting Western Superintendent Claudette Baisden and Parks Officer Craig Burt ."

"We are pleased that we were able to install the new half court this year and invite the public to enjoy it with their family and friends," said the Director of Parks Lisa-Dawn Johnston. "We find that the half court is very popular for not only campers, but also for people who come to the park to exercise."

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