In our final instalment of (Natural) Island Treats, we feature 31-year-old DeVone Smith, who is a Bermudian residing in London. DeVon says, despite living in a city where a large number of Black women wear wigs or weaves, she loves her hair and describes it as 'beautifully thick and coily'.
Here she shares a few moments with Today In Bermuda.
TIB: Describe your relationship with your hair from 16 and up?
At the age of 16 my hair was permed. I've always have been a lazy stylist as my hair was either in a ponytail or it was out straighten (mostly after it was freshly washed or professionally done) 
TIB: How old are you when you decided to go natural? Do you miss perming/texturising your hair?
I decided to go natural 4/5 years ago after it was suggested by an old friend. Since then I haven't looked back. I don't miss the frequent salon visits, hiding from the rain etc.
TIB: What do you love most about your hair?
I love that my hair can be versatile. I can have twists one day, a twist out on another, a fro or have a tuck and pin style. I once tried to press my hair but encountered heat damage which resulted in cutting my hair again.
TIB: Your thoughts on parents perming their daughters' hair before they are teenagers?
My mother had permed my hair at a young age as she felt she could manage my hair much easily; however, I don't agree with parents perming their child's hair at a young age as the childs hair is too delicate for chemicals. Allow ones hair to mature and have them choose for themselves if they would like to perm their hair. 
TIB: Why do you think the females are embracing their natural hair more than ever?
I think females are embracing their natural hair because it was always said that the standard of beauty was defined by the Caucasian beauty and we are now embracing our natural beauty to redefine those standards.
TIB: Have we moved past the "pretty hair/nappy hair" mindset?
To some extent we have moved away from the 'pretty/nappy hair' mindset however some of that still exist.
TIB: Is there anyone who you really admire because of how they embrace their natural hair?
I really admire India Arie. 
TIB: Any bad experiences with you wearing your hair naturally?
No I haven't had many bad experiences with wearing my hair naturally. When I was working in Bermuda I had a colleague who mention a certain hair style was too unkept (my hair was chunky twisted and pinned)
TIB: Is Black women wearing their natural hair a norm in London? Your views on how young Black women view themselves in London?
In London you don't see many women wearing their natural hair. Many wear wigs and weave mostly. When I attended a Natural hair event that's when I saw naturals in droves. 

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