Daughter of Today In Bermuda editor Carla Zuill, 15-year-old Sakile enjoys a facial at Exhale Spa, located at Hamilton Princess. Daughter of Today In Bermuda editor Carla Zuill, 15-year-old Sakile enjoys a facial at Exhale Spa, located at Hamilton Princess.

Who doesn't love a massage? At the Exhale Spa, located at the Hamilton Princess, there are a plethora of services to suit your desires. This morning, Today In Bermuda editor Carla Zuill decided to have an infused massage, while her teenage daughter, Sakile enjoyed the same service plus a facial recently. Here they share their experiences.

SAKILE: For the last few years, I have been experiencing skin problems and tense muscles, so when I was given the opportunity to visit Exhale and get a facial and massage, I took it. I’m 15 and had never done anything like this before.

Since I never had a facial before, I didn't know what to expect. But when I walked in, I knew I was in for a treat. I started off in the zen room, which was very peaceful. Playing softly was relaxing music, along with that, they had offered coconut water with almonds and more. The room was decorated nicely and was welcoming. The staff were very kind.

My therapist was friendly from the moment she walked into the room. She held conversation and gave great information on the products and methods she was using on my body. As I was on the table I felt very comfortable. My therapist made the room very welcoming and set the room to accommodate me.

The massage itself was relaxing and I felt great. When I had finished my session, we talked about what types of methods and skin products to use to continue to have my skin healthy. So far, her recommendations have showed a tremendous difference in my skin.  

Overall, I enjoyed my session at Exhale and I will be back again!

CARLA: Watching Sakile receive her treatment recently gave me one mission—to return and try it out for myself. Earlier this year, I received a gift card and wasn’t sure how I was going to use it. But after seeing how happy Sakile was after leaving the Exhale Spa at the Hamilton Princess, there was no doubt that I’d found my answer.

It’s one thing to portray professionalism, but it’s another to actually execute it effortlessly, and the staff at Exhale do just that. 

From the moment I walked into the door this morning (yes, I’m still floating on cloud nine), a warm smile greeted me. 

Off to the Zen room I go.

It’s so serene in there that you don’t even want to breathe too loudly and disturb the peace. I wasn’t thirsty but I tried the kiwi infused water (it was a different flavor when Sakile was there). There are teas and almonds and cranberries. There are an array of magazines and a large bay window where you can see a serenity garden. Add the infused neck warmer, I could have sat in there for hours.

Introducing my therapist, Chelsea.

I’ve had my share of massages in my day so I didn’t think there was much that could really impress me, but Chelsea was great. She was friendly and told me what options I had regarding massage oil and intensity of the massage.

“If I do something that you don’t like, please tell me; I won’t be offended.”

She had no clue what she was setting herself for! But she was great. She made me feel comfortable and she made me snore several times…so embarrassed! But I couldn't help it because she took me to a far off place, where I hadn’t been for a while. It was so gooood! 

There’s no better feeling when you’re done with a massage and feel like you are floating. The last time I had one at a another establishment, I left with more stress that what I arrived with because I was in such pain.

I will definitely be back…with my daughter in tow!

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