Patrice Frith Hayward of the VIP Network will be one of three presenters at tomorrow's Women's Empowerment Summit at CedarBridge Academy Cafetorium./Photo supplied. Patrice Frith Hayward of the VIP Network will be one of three presenters at tomorrow's Women's Empowerment Summit at CedarBridge Academy Cafetorium./Photo supplied.

Tomorrow, women from all walks of life will come together for a day of empowerment and positive interactions.

The Women’s Empowerment Summit, hosted by Black Book Promotions, will feature three prominent local women sharing their stories as well as resources of valued information for attendees giving them the tools and resources to leading the lives they truly want to live.

The three presentations will include inspiration for women who are feeling bogged down by life, whether it be the end of a relationship, single parenting, work/home life balance or pushing through challenging times.

Women attending the Summit will have an opportunity to mingle and connect over lunch as well as be in the running for raffle prizes.

Patrice Frith Hayward, who will be presenting ‘Who’s Loving You? Nurturing Healthy Relationships’, spoke with Today in Bermuda about her background and what she hopes attendees will get out of the day.

Mrs Frith Hayward is the founder and executive director of the Women’s V.I.P Network.

“The organization is dedicated to working with women and girls in accomplishing goals to live successful vision-driven lifestyles,” she says.

Mrs Frith Hayward also facilitates personal and professional development workshops through The Institute of Business Dynamics and Personal Development, which is part of her Women’s V.I.P Network brand.

Her workshop during the Summit will focus on nurturing healthy relationships, which is also something she provides through Women’s V.I.P Network, having hosted workshops, conferences and retreats on the topic.

She adds that “personal experience of overcoming adversity, divorce and now being married for 17 years as well as the knowledge I have gleaned as the former executive director of The Women’s Resource Centre,” will inform much of what she will be providing during the Summit.

Mrs Frith Hayward is also well-known radio talk show host of ‘Real Women. Real Talk…with Patrice’ on Magic 102.7FM. She added that many of her show’s topics and guests have also inspired her presentation.

She says that she hopes that attendees will feel a sense that they can change their circumstances and that the information she will provide will help them to leave the past behind and start to design their futures.

“Few things can be more powerful than women convening to elevate each other while sharing common experiences and to be assured that they are not alone in facing challenges,” she says.

Other presenters on the day will include Rosana Vickers, co-owner and manager of Bermuda Anger Management Mediation Services, which provides educational programmes and mediation for those dealing with anger, family and relationship issues, as well as victim services. Her services help to give many a second chance by working on relationship skill building and anger management. At this weekend’s summit she will be presenting the workshop, ‘The Journey to Reclaiming Your Power – An Awakening’.

Today in Bermuda founder and editor Carla Zuill, will be presenting ‘Giving Up Is Not An Option’.

The event will take place tomorrow, Saturday, November 26 from 10.00 a.m. to 3.00 p.m. at the CedarBridge Academy Cafetorium. Tickets are $60 and can be purchased at 27th Century or by calling 704-1705.

Part proceeds from the Summit will be donated to the Centre Against Abuse, Mobility for Ralph and Gina Spence Productions (to specifically assist with families of children left fatherless due to gun violence).

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