The faith of God’s people cannot be imitated or mutated.  No, there must be the constant trust that God will take care of you. The mere fact that God must take care of His children is an indication that His children will experience some things outside of their realm or remit of control.

That is what we see with Paul.  As a prisoner, he was on his way to Rome to appear before the courts. Before departing Corinth, God told Paul that everyone would make it to his or her destination.

On the voyage, a surprise storm arose.  The ship was tossed to and fro and those on board can no longer control the ship. No matter what, the boat was out of control due to the storm. Truly, the fate of the ship and those on board was up to God.

That is when the trust factor must be fully activated.  Only trust and faith in God will cause you to have the mindset to believe that you will make it even though all looks lost. The ship may be broken into pieces, but your faith is still intact.  The ship was no longer functional but your faith is functioning well. The ship is no longer whole, but your faith is whole. What will your faith do for you?

  1. It will keep you before the storm.
  2. It will keep you through the storm.
  3. It will keep you after the storm.

Look at Paul’s shipwreck aftermath.

Paul landed in a place that he had never been before. It was an unscheduled place, and yet that place would bless him.  The people on the island of Melita did not even speak the current Greek or Hebrew language.  Yet, they spoke the most important language there is; they spoke the language of love.  They saw a man in need of help, and they simply helped that man.

Acts 28:1 And when they were escaped, then they knew that the island was called Melita.

2 And the barbarous people shewed us no little kindness: for they kindled a fire, and received us every one, because of the present rain, and because of the cold.

Melita is a place that means “affording honey.” Apparently, there was a surplus or abundance of honey on the land. Isn’t that wonderful imagery?  That place, Melita, or Malta, was filled with a surprising amount of sweetness.  That is something for you to hold onto. No matter where you land after the storm, God will have that place to be a “Melita” for you.

The people of Melita fixed a fire for Paul, who was cold and had on wet clothes. Those strangers did not hesitate in doing the right thing – the humane thing. They attended to Paul and the others.

Let me leave it right there. After you survive the storm and the shipwreck (because God said so), God will also provide those particular people who can and who will take care of you.

Rest in the fact that God takes cares of His children. When you have God’s purpose to fulfill, you will do so. Even if God must manifest miracles in your life, His will for your life will be done.

Keep the faith. Have faith in God alone. Blessings Abound!

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