Bermuda is in an uproar like never before. Few things surprise me but the last few months have really taken the cake, and with the General Election taking place on July 18, I cringe in advance for what is yet to come.

The recent comments made my Marisa Baron (sister of National Security Minister, Sen. Jeff Baron) really don’t surprise me. Something prompted her to take to social media (when will we learn!) and she did what many of us have done at one point or the other (unless you attained a social media profile minutes before reading this)—she lashed out on Facebook.

But wait.

Her words seem to have been a norm. She had at least five prior posts which boasted the same sentiment. Then she ‘admitted’ that she was hacked.

She attempted to defend herself and then she took the easy way out…she deactivated her account, although it doesn’t seem like she had much of a choice after witnessing the verbal lashings she received last night.

Many Black Bermudians are angry. And while she has run from the public virtual punishment, others (both Black and Whites) have continued to lash out at each other.

When will the time come for us as a community to actively and constructively have ‘the’ conversation in Bermuda. We live in a racist nation and unfortunately there are many who refuse to acknowledge it. Instead we choose to make excuses for those who are so willing to send a resounding message which amplifies who they are.

So who do you believe?

The person who very willingly shows you who they are or the others who look like them and swears that they are very different? Only you can be the judge.

To the powers that be: The time is now to be brutally honest with yourselves. As leaders of our country, a lot of what is happening in Bermuda is because of you. Instead of pointing fingers and playing the blame game, where is your culpability? People are hurting and suffering on many levels in Bermuda, and their calls seem to fall on deaf ears.

Regardless who is the ruling party it seems that there is a faction in our community which gets forgotten. And it’s only when the top bursts off the pot do you scramble to try to fix it (people are still waiting for jobs...PERIOD).

People are losing their houses, can’t pay their rent, put gas in their cars or feed their children. While the ‘haves’ unscrupulously collect more. And you wonder why people are angry?

So when a ‘have’ lashes out it really makes one wonder what exactly do they have to be angry about? Inquiring minds want to know…so when they show you who they are, do you believe them?

Editor's Note: Senator Baron made the following statement moments ago.
"Last evening I was alerted to a post on my sister’s Facebook page and immediately called her to express my concern - and disapproval - of language and content on what was posted. I was outraged. 
"I cannot control words and actions of others. However I can control my reaction to them - so I've quickly concluded that the best way for me to address this publicly is to be straightforward. I do not condone this type of divisive, hurtful language. I do not support discriminatory and/or racist comments. It has no place in our discourse, it’s not in my heart to feel this way. 
"I am a Bermudian who cherishes our diversity. I am a father who teaches strong Bermudian values to my son, through actions and through words. I am a candidate and have a campaign that does not perpetuate - nor does it tolerate - divisive rhetoric. 
"Lastly - and most importantly to me - this statement is not submitted as a result of a request or demand from anyone. I am submitting this personally because it is the right thing to do and I will continue to address any divisiveness from anyone in order to strengthen Bermuda."

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