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Stanwon Swan in hospital last night after he says he was beaten by Police while handcuffed *Photo supplied Stanwon Swan in hospital last night after he says he was beaten by Police while handcuffed *Photo supplied

A Pembroke mother is distraught after claiming her teenage son was badly beaten by Police after being involved in a motorcycle chase.

Speaking exclusively to Today In Bermuda, Leasser (Lisa) Swan says she received a number of phone calls just after 7.30 last night from people claiming that they saw her son, Stanwon, 17, being beaten by a Police officer—despite the boy being handcuffed.

According to Mrs. Swan, her son was spotted by officers riding a 100cc bike, which would have rendered him disqualified from riding the vehicle by age. When officers tried to stop him, he gave chase before pulling over in the western bus layby on St. John’s Road, near the bottom of Berkeley Hill.

And, by the youth’s account (see video below), when he stopped, he raised his hands in the air. He was then handcuffed by the two officers who chased him and then one proceeded to beat him about the head and face.


Mrs. Swan says after receiving the calls, she and her husband rushed to the Hamilton Police Station to locate her son, but he was not there.

“I was told that he was being taken to the hospital because he has fallen and hurt his face,” she says.

Her daughter, Malisa, went in to see the teenager first, and when she came out of his room, Mrs. Swan says she was crying.

“When I went in and saw my son, I lost it. I was very upset and was screaming, ‘What did they do to my son’. I was so upset that I had to leave because I was causing a scene and I didn’t want to end up in trouble.”

Malisa has been dealing with hospital staff on behalf of her devastated parents.


“My brother is in a lot of pain and remains in the hospital with bleeding on the brain. He cannot eat. The doctor told me that he was definitely beaten with something but he is unable to say what. He has no bruises on his arms or lower body; just his head and face. He spent the night but is still in Police custody because of the chase.

“My family is not saying him not stopping was right but there was no need for them to beat him like this.

We would also like to point out that there was one officer, Sgt. Astwood who seemed bothered by what happened. He tried to clean up my brother’s face and was asking a lot of question about what happened.”

“My brother knows what he done wasn’t right, but it doesn’t mean that they had the right to almost kill him.”

Today In Bermuda reached out to the Bermuda Police Service for comment and was informed that a statement is forthcoming.


Stanwon Swan, who says he was beaten after being involved in a chase with Police


  • Sad
    Sad Saturday, 02 January 2016 14:47 Comment Link

    Wow!!!! Trust and believe every 'two parent' home is NOT perfect! Sometimes they are worse off!!! Sometimes a single parent home is better.
    He was certainly wrong for giving the police a chase but the beating doesn't seem justified if he was in cuffs and not fighting back.

  • appaulled
    appaulled Saturday, 02 January 2016 14:40 Comment Link

    As a mother... I dnt give a damn if my kid pulled chase or told em to go EF themselves u do not beat a child about in the head with a a hard object !! It is a cops job to deal with this type stuff so do ur job properly and let the courts figure out his punishment .. Not my kid I would see u at the grocery store and take u out bessss believe that "!

  • Kjersti90
    Kjersti90 Saturday, 02 January 2016 14:39 Comment Link

    Your brother pulled chase from the police on a 100cc and he is only 17 years old. I don't think he deserved a beaten from the police like that, but I think your mom should have been the one to give him that beaten. Just think, he was pulling chase, he could have hit someone and killed them! What would y'all be saying after that?

  • Concerned citizen
    Concerned citizen Saturday, 02 January 2016 14:20 Comment Link

    This guy ran from police intentionally. Why did he not listen to police and pull over. These young teenagers are very disrespectful and disobedient. Their parents are either missing from the home or dont care. Let society now deal with these children of single parent homes. Its unfair that people have to deal with badly behaved young individuals because of bad or no parenting. The police might have used excessive force but we are only hearing one side of this story.


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