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Stanwon Swan in hospital last night after he says he was beaten by Police while handcuffed *Photo supplied Stanwon Swan in hospital last night after he says he was beaten by Police while handcuffed *Photo supplied

A Pembroke mother is distraught after claiming her teenage son was badly beaten by Police after being involved in a motorcycle chase.

Speaking exclusively to Today In Bermuda, Leasser (Lisa) Swan says she received a number of phone calls just after 7.30 last night from people claiming that they saw her son, Stanwon, 17, being beaten by a Police officer—despite the boy being handcuffed.

According to Mrs. Swan, her son was spotted by officers riding a 100cc bike, which would have rendered him disqualified from riding the vehicle by age. When officers tried to stop him, he gave chase before pulling over in the western bus layby on St. John’s Road, near the bottom of Berkeley Hill.

And, by the youth’s account (see video below), when he stopped, he raised his hands in the air. He was then handcuffed by the two officers who chased him and then one proceeded to beat him about the head and face.


Mrs. Swan says after receiving the calls, she and her husband rushed to the Hamilton Police Station to locate her son, but he was not there.

“I was told that he was being taken to the hospital because he has fallen and hurt his face,” she says.

Her daughter, Malisa, went in to see the teenager first, and when she came out of his room, Mrs. Swan says she was crying.

“When I went in and saw my son, I lost it. I was very upset and was screaming, ‘What did they do to my son’. I was so upset that I had to leave because I was causing a scene and I didn’t want to end up in trouble.”

Malisa has been dealing with hospital staff on behalf of her devastated parents.


“My brother is in a lot of pain and remains in the hospital with bleeding on the brain. He cannot eat. The doctor told me that he was definitely beaten with something but he is unable to say what. He has no bruises on his arms or lower body; just his head and face. He spent the night but is still in Police custody because of the chase.

“My family is not saying him not stopping was right but there was no need for them to beat him like this.

We would also like to point out that there was one officer, Sgt. Astwood who seemed bothered by what happened. He tried to clean up my brother’s face and was asking a lot of question about what happened.”

“My brother knows what he done wasn’t right, but it doesn’t mean that they had the right to almost kill him.”

Today In Bermuda reached out to the Bermuda Police Service for comment and was informed that a statement is forthcoming.


Stanwon Swan, who says he was beaten after being involved in a chase with Police


  • Nae
    Nae Saturday, 02 January 2016 21:37 Comment Link

    People are so ignorant...I don't care how rude he is that still don't give the right for police officer to beat anybody. I understand that from what I have been reading that he was riding a bike that clearly he should have not been riding but come people if he fell off this bike why does he only have injuries to his face and doesn't take a scientist to figure that out and further more show me a child that is not rude regardless of what type of home you come from and the same ones that's here thinking that's what this young man gets so please be careful of what you say especially if you have could be white black green purple etc being rude does not discriminate and stop condoning the ignorance of people who are here to protect

  • Jus Sayin
    Jus Sayin Saturday, 02 January 2016 20:59 Comment Link

    The police don't have the right to bash in anyone's face regardless of the crime they committed or committed in the past. We have laws and a court system so regardless if one has a past or you feel they weren't raised properly that doesn't give them the right to assault anyone-period!! Everyone deserves their day in court even if we know or feel deep down that some of these delinquents deserve a beating or two. We really don't need these situations to happen in Bermuda or people seeking attention for these things either.

  • gibbo11
    gibbo11 Saturday, 02 January 2016 20:19 Comment Link

    I don't care how rude or wht this young man's done in the past ! It doesn't make it right for officers to become judge and jury ! Come on bermuda ! We are lost as a country already ! Yes blame the way he was brought up but we all act like we weren't young once ! I ve done alot of crazy things when I was around this young man's age ! And guess wht ....I was raised right ! But it didn't stop me from enjoying my youth! We didn't have police brutally here neither ! My heart goes out to this young man and his family ! And if he is as rude as they say.....let's hope he has another chance of a speedy recovery ! And learnt a valuable lesson!

  • John Doe
    John Doe Saturday, 02 January 2016 20:02 Comment Link

    post your real names then comment!

  • Tired of parents who dont correct rude children
    Tired of parents who dont correct rude children Saturday, 02 January 2016 19:55 Comment Link

    Lol its this one cop that always pulls me over........ WELL DID YOU EVER ? WHY...... as suspected your lil no lisence having ass was doing wrong again. Than you had the nerve to pull chase. Thank the lord you didnt hit no children cause idk if your parents woulda been able to protect you from those parents. Stop doing dumb stuff get an education and sort your life out. If jail is going to help you do that than hurry up and go westgate cause you clearly need to be saved from yourself.

  • Rosebud
    Rosebud Saturday, 02 January 2016 19:34 Comment Link

    SMH at all the "ballsy" comments with 'pen names'...
    The REAL ISSUE that many (judging by SOME of the comments) are missing is not what this young man has done, it's surely not about him being rude at someone's job or of someone subject to a google search. THIS article is about possible Police Brutality. ..NO ONE deserves to be beaten, especially by those that are hired to serve and protect. You all kill me with your comments....I bet if this young man was your child you would be raising holy hell....but wait let me guess, I bet your child is PERFECT and nothing like this would never happen to them. Smh...and to have the nerve to discredit this young man's father and mother's parenting skills...
    Now I am not taking sides....but right is right and wrong is wrong....we have heard two sides.....but have yet to reach the truth.....

  • Concerned citizen
    Concerned citizen Saturday, 02 January 2016 19:21 Comment Link

    It does matter how he was raised. Its crazy how people are so ignorant. Parents are to blame. If I did somethinng even close to this act I would still be getting beaten to this day! Thats the thing nowadays children run their homes and there is not good parental guidance. Spoil and ungrateful generation. Its really sad.

  • JC
    JC Saturday, 02 January 2016 19:17 Comment Link

    Police cannot go around beating people regardless if the person was rude or not.They must be held to a higher standard. They get paid to do a job, they must do it. He will rep his consequences.

  • Pay attention
    Pay attention Saturday, 02 January 2016 19:11 Comment Link

    This was a terrible situation where many could have been injured due to the behavior of this boy. There is so much more to this than what he, his mom and his sister want you to believe.

  • saki burrows
    saki burrows Saturday, 02 January 2016 18:33 Comment Link

    This has to be a joke why are we mad .....Bermuda dont be upset . This young man is rude as hell ,he had it coming ..we are always saying these boys need to be taught a lesson ....... but when it happens were upset and she said bleeding on the brain ha sorry not buying it , when his swelling goes down hell be ok ..........stupid *EDITED*


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