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WOW!! As I read the comments above, I am astonished and shocked at where we are as a people. First and foremost, I don't condone the young man's disobedience of the law at all, however the police are here to protect and serve. At no time should a civilian regardless of age, race or any other demographic be beaten in this manner.
Yes, I have read the police statement that the young man violently resisted arrest; what else would you expect them to say. Why is the young man's injuries from these pictures only about his head and face. One would think that a trained police officer attempting to subdue a person would first take out their legs in order to immobilize them.
Then there are the comments that go all into his household, and the "single" parent issue, a well as his behavior. Well let me say this, continue blaming the victim when it comes to police brutality. Right now it's this, watch where it escalates.