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You people are outrageous and cant believe you as Bermudian people would say this yes if you do the crime you do time, but if it was your child you all would be doing the same thing yes he deserves a different way punishment but not almost beaten to death by police officers. These police officers should be ashamed of themselves and I bet you they aren't even BERMUDIAN. all of you people saying that right now what if that was you regardless of what you done in the past because I am more than sure you have done something bad so don't go on like that. This boy is 17 years-old and these police officers could have handled that a different way just because he didn't feel like talking your going to beat him have some respect and take him in to the police station at least. BY they way we know its not America its Bermuda.. It doesn't really matter if he has single parents or not because some that are still together act strict to you people need to realize this was not the way to handle the situation like it wasn't even just 1 cop multiple.