Some members of D' All Starz backstage at 5 Star Friday include (from left, back row) Selectah Jameel, Tizzy, Carlysle "Juiceman" Roberts, Anthony "Bassey" Boynes, Stephen "Drummey" Jardine, Blaxx, Arnold "Sly" Punnette, Roy C. Cape Jr., Voice and Ricardo Drue./*Photo supplied. Some members of D' All Starz backstage at 5 Star Friday include (from left, back row) Selectah Jameel, Tizzy, Carlysle "Juiceman" Roberts, Anthony "Bassey" Boynes, Stephen "Drummey" Jardine, Blaxx, Arnold "Sly" Punnette, Roy C. Cape Jr., Voice and Ricardo Drue./*Photo supplied.

“Performing in Bermuda felt like a home away from home for D' All Starz. All artists always look for a comfort level when they're on stage to deliver an electric performance to patrons, and the kind of reception that the band received from the audience at the Stadium was very indicative of one fact: that Bermudians were ready and waiting for their moment of masquerade glory on Carnival Monday, and they embrace Caribbean culture as their own.”

This coming from Tenille Clarke, Public Relations Director of D’All Starz, who performed at the 5 Star Friday during Bermuda Heroes Weekend.

Ms Clarke said the positive vibes from the audience made the band feel at home.

“They sang along to every soca hit in our set, cheered for an encore and made the Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2017 experience an incredibly memorable one for Blaxx, Ricardo Drue, Teddyson John, Tizzy and D' All Starz. We were overwhelmed and grateful by the fans' response.

“It was a uniquely spectacular experience being here, and much commendation must be given to Jason ‘D'General’ Sukdeo and his team for the love and support in hosting us and doing their part in working together to taking soca music from local to global. We look forward to returning for Bermuda Heroes Weekend 2018.”

Carylsle ‘Juiceman’ Roberts, Musical Director of D' All Starz, tells Today In Bermuda: "From drums to guitars, to bass, the band was totally on point Friday night, and it showed with the way the Bermuda Carnival masses responded to our set with pure excitement. The energy was all there and we are grateful for the support. Our band carries a new name now, but D' All Starz is committed to delivering the quality soca music experience that fans have grown to know and love over the last 37 years."

Formerlly known as The Roy Cape All-Stars, Ms Clarke explains the name change:

“It was really a natural progression for the band. D' All Starz has been considered by many to be an unofficial "University of Music", because we've become home to so many soca artistes over the years, like Destra, Nigel and Marvin and Kurt Allen, Voice, just to name a few.

“We're synonymous with a memorable experience, so even though our family may be under a different name now, we're still here as a team and and have a very strong presence on the industry circuit after 37 years of success. Dr. Roy Cape always worked to achieve a quality music experience. We will always deliver the same great music and quality performance that everyone on the soca scene has grown to know and love.”

And the band experienced Bermuda love on Friday night. Ms Clarke saying they were not worried, fully aware that Bermudians have high expectations when it comes to live performances.

“D' All Starz has been to Bermuda previously, and we've always received tremendous love from our fans in the 441. The support that we received from the moment we touched down at the airport was overwhelming. It's always about the love.

While soca has been played all over the Island for years—usually only in the summer months—it is clear that it has grown in popularity in recent times.

“We're not surprised, and the band is incredibly thankful that soca has taken Bermuda by storm,” says Ms Clarke. “Soca music is such a diverse platform has the power to connect music lovers with an authentic experience that artists work very hard to present to the masses. The Caribbean region, the diaspora and our people play a huge role in how our culture is received by the rest of the world. Bermuda is another great example of what happens when the Caribbean comes together.”

And Ms Clarke offers this to those who believe soca should only be plated at certain times of the year.

“It's an interesting perspective. One of our the members of our Technical Team, Karan, has a tattoo of lyrics from a popular Calypso song called "Dingolay" by The Mighty Shadow, who is an iconic music personality in the Caribbean.

“It says: ‘Music fills the world with happiness, 

Plenty sweetness and togetherness,

Music have no friends or enemies,

Everybody could dingolay!’

“Soca is such an infectious genre of music, so whether it dominates during the summer or otherwise, the response that we've seen to the music from Bermudians tells us that it's very appealing to the masses here and they love it. Bermuda Heroes Weekend certainly does a fantastic job in promoting soca culture to both locals and visitors in Bermuda, and Jason, his hard-working team and his partners really ensured that soca is not only heard by the Bermudian audience, but appreciated by the wider masses as well.”

Ms Clarkes says D’All Starz will return to our shores soon.

“Once our tour schedules permit, most definitely. Bermuda Heroes Weekend just makes the Carnival Experience all the more special. The people, the culture, the food, the beaches - everything just comes together makes Bermuda the perfect paradise that everyone should try to experience more than once in their lifetime.”

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