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Time to get serious. Beyond the spiritual, the feel-good vibe created by carnival, the smiles, the compliments, the bumpas, the connections, the international eyes watching our island nation, our improved self-confidence and body image relationships (I HOPE); Carnival makes money.

Carnival brings a much-needed cash injection to our island and unlike the wham bam thank you ma’am big d*** money of America’s Cup, Carnival is far more sustainable. Carnival is an annual event here to stay, and the global carnival community, travel bloggers, travel agents, tourists, airlines, cruise lines, and interest groups see growth for Bermuda Heroes weekend. Well done to Bermudians, and well done to the Bermuda Heroes Weekend committee and participants.

America’s Cup will obviously bring an infusion of cash to the island, jobs, international television views, and upscale visitors. America’s Cup will also plant seeds, and impregnate Bermuda with single parent economic and environmental children who could grow to spite us. Already we have 9 acres of land we don’t know what to do with <insert thoughts of Morgan’s point and former Club Med here>. The potential effects of the dredging and land reclamation in dockyard have been minimized to the softening voice of environmentalist Stuart Hayward and the usual green cooperative suspects, in an island where the majority of the population aren’t environmentally savvy to say the least.

Both of these stellar events are driving toward a head-on collision; an epic game of event-chicken, between Soca and Sailing. That’s as about as dramatic as I can make it, but both events will be held in Bermuda during the month of June 2017 and hotels, guest houses and the like, are already running low on availability.

So its quite simple – plan to move out of your house and make some money, at the very least for carnival weekend, yes its time to call momma, aunty, granny, breakout d tent if needed, and have a family reunion of sorts while you rent your space to carnival revelers. One bed that sleeps three at $250/night arriving Thursday departing Monday = $1000 you didn’t have before you found the tent, and could pay for you to party the whole carnival weekend, costume, fetes, all of dat or adult stuff like bills. I hear the wheels turning slowly.

I addressed accommodation first because that will be the most challenging part of BHW2017, swiftly followed by transportation (ya ya rental cars inna?).  People need to get around at all times of the day, for the different BHW activities and events. So I won’t suggest anything illegal, but a car and an entrepreneurial spirit, and some Bermudian hospitality could prove very cash-cow-like. Do gypsies even take cabs? Sidebar, how is it we have Gypsy cabs on little rock, but no gypsies?

Bands – There is money to be made with the Bands participating in carnival. These groups need costumes – which means material, beads, feathers, wire and designers.  Most of the bands provide some form of snack, food, or beverage, and almost all supply a bag for the road (with goodies and giveaways) and bag or cardboard box for the costume.

Bands are also acquiring significant amount of signage and branded items from sail flags and banners, to bandanas and hand towels, snapbacks, and wristbands. There are opportunities for caterers, designers, storefront owners, and International businesses. Yes international business, carnival is a great marketing opportunity.  Your brand will get global visibility, no only the thousands that participate in the parade looking at your banner, or receiving your item in their goodie bag.

The international media documenting the weekend will make it visible, and placed online where all the people who missed carnival can find it over and over again. I still have cups from many events that I kept as souvenirs and many of them display a sponsors’ brand and continue to advertise to my houseguests and I years later.

Events – While Bermuda Heroes Weekend official events may start on a Friday and go through the holiday Monday, there are fetes that already stretch out to the Wednesday before, with further growth anticipated. The fetes can require promoters to source a combination of entertainment, sound equipment, food & beverage, marketing materials, infrastructure, and more.

Spinoff businesses – Concierges services, makeup artists, hosiery and accessory providers (yup I used hosiery, on purpose), and many more, there are opportunities for ancillary businesses to Bermuda Heroes Weekend.

Basic synopsis: even if you don’t like soca or carnival, there is a financial opportunity for you through BHW. You can plan an annual vacation that weekend and rent your place out while you’re away cooling out. There are opportunities for all levels from budding entrepreneurs to larger corporations. Get involved; get a piece of the pie.

Keep Chipping (and move out)

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  • Linda Trott
    Linda Trott Wednesday, 17 August 2016 17:35 Comment Link

    This is the most encouraging article for income generation in Bermuda that I have read in a while.


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