The Ministry of Health and Seniors is advising the public not to eat Sargento Nacho & Taco shredded cheese with a sell by date of June 14, 2017, due to a potential risk of Listeria contamination.

The specific product is Sargento Nacho & Taco shredded cheese sold in an 8 ounce package, UPC 4610040041 with a “Sell By” date of “H14JUN17”. This is the only product affected in Bermuda. The product’s local distributor notified store managers, who have removed it from store refrigerators.

Consumers are asked to check their own refrigerators for any of the suspect product. Sargento Nacho & Taco shredded cheese found with matching identification should be thrown away or returned to the retailer for disposal and a refund.

The Ministry advises that it can take up to 70 days for symptoms of Listeria infection to develop following exposure to the bacteria. While most people experience short-term symptoms, Listeria infection can cause very serious complications for the unborn child of a pregnant woman as well as those with a weakened immune system.

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